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Prepare for Care: Plantar Fasciitis

What to Expect

Though plantar fasciitis pain can affect daily living, seeking out and using the proper treatment methods and tools can provide significant relief.

Finding the best treatment method depends on the nature of your plantar fasciitis pain. If you are a runner, taking a break from your routine can alleviate symptoms. On the other hand, if weight or footwear is the root of the problem, investing in the proper footwear can give you the support you need to continue conducting daily activities.

If you seemingly cannot decrease your foot pain, your doctor or podiatrist can suggest other methods, such as stretches or another foot care product that treats the symptoms in a different, more effective way.

Prepare Your Home

Finding the best home care products for plantar fasciitis depends on the level of pain you have. Caring for your plantar fasciitis does not have to be a challenge - there are items that you can use on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

  • Mild Pain
    If the pain impacts your activities but is not a significant problem, investing in insoles and heel supports can enable you to go about your daily routine without having to dedicate time specifically for rest.
    When you do have time to recuperate at home, there are many comfort aids that you can take advantage of. Pain relief products include foot rollers, hot and cold therapy packs and stretch straps.
  • Severe Pain
    For more severe pain, investing in night splints can ensure plantar fasciitis pain relief throughout the night. This prevents you from experiencing pain in the morning, which will be a welcome start to the day. In addition, wearing insoles and arch support during the day will provide pain relief around the clock.

With plantar fasciitis, it is essential to treat the condition fully in the early stages to lower the chances of further inflammation. After the initial episode, you can continue caring for your feet by committing to longer rest periods after strenuous exercise and investing in and wearing the proper footwear.

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