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Prepare for Care: Obesity

What to Expect

Excess body fat places extra stress on the joints, which can make mobility an issue. Because of this, everyday tasks can be difficult, such as getting ready in the morning. However, a sedentary lifestyle counteracts your efforts for a healthier BMI.

As you work toward a healthier future, it is important to take it slowly. You do not want to over strain yourself. Home safety items and mobility aids can help you move around the home, while portable exercise products will allow you to stay fit no matter where you are.

Prepare Your Home

Getting ready in the morning can be easier when you invest in support products like bed rails, mobility devices and dressing aids. Other tasks, such as reaching for items on high shelves, can be made easier with reachers and foot stools. All of these products not only enable you to get through the day's activities, but also heighten safety and comfort.

Exercising does not have to be a hassle when you can do it within the comfort of your own home. The CanDo Pedal Exerciser is lightweight and can be used to work out the legs and arms. When you feel ready, the Color-Coded Cuff Weights are worn around the ankles and can be quickly removed at any point, giving you the flexibility to exercise when you want, where you want.

Safety is essential when it comes to obesity care. With the right tools, staying healthy and active in the comfort of your own home can not only be easy, but enjoyable.

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