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Prepare for Care: Stroke Care

Simplified Homecare Solutions for Caregiving after a Stroke

After a loved one has a stroke, getting back to normal life can be challenging. EasierLiving’s Prepare for Care has caregiver supplies for home safety after a stroke, stroke rehab aidsresources about strokes, and useful caregiving information to help your loved one recover successfully and comfortably after a stroke. 

What to Expect:
A stroke is a brain attack that happens when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to the brain. Not all strokes are the same, which makes recovery different for different patients. Those who’ve had a small stroke can recover quickly and may have some weakness in a limb. Those who’ve had a more severe stroke may lose their ability to speak and may take years or never fully recover.

Getting Your Home Ready:
Your home should have stroke rehab products so that your loved one can recover as quickly and safely as possible. Your loved one might need mobility aids and dining aids if their motor functions are impaired. Keeping the bathroom a safe environment can be tricky when someone has recently suffered a stroke, so products such as grab bars and shower seats are essential.

Keep On Communicating:
After a stroke, speech therapy is a major part of the recovery process. Communication products for strokes are a great addition to your home healthcare supplies. EasierLiving has a variety of different speech aids so you can find the perfect product for you and your loved one.

Rehab Ready:
Sometimes, strokes can cause paralysis on one side of the body or a limb.  Stroke at home rehab products can help your loved one regain movement or motor skills. EasierLiving’s rehabilitation aids help loved ones recover in a safe and comfortable manner. 

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