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Homecare Products for Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Take a step in the right direction and away from heel pain with help from’s plantar fasciitis products for homecare. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot conditions in the U.S. and if you’ve got a sharp, unexplained pain in your heel, there’s a good chance you’ve got it.

And, if you are a runner or athlete with heel pain, it’s even more likely to be the cause. Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick heel tissue, called the plantar fasciia. offers a number of top orthotic foot and heel products to help with Plantar Fasciitis pain - like our night splints, shoe insoles and stretching aids - that can get you back on your feet, fast!

Our plantar fasciitis products are the same products that are used in rehab centers, physical therapists and hospitals, made available to you for home use. 


Our Plantar Fasciitis Products

Night Splints and Day Braces

If you wake up with morning heel pain, and it’s difficult to get out of bed and walk, then you may need a night splint. Plantar fasciitis causes tightening of the ligaments in the heel, making the morning particularly painful. Our night splints for plantar fasciitis can be worn while you sleep. They keep the foot flexed and limit pain in the arch and heel.

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Insoles for plantar fasciitis


Heal your heel with our therapeutic and preventative shoe insoles for plantar fasciitis. These insoles keep your foot supported, and provide cushioned relief for your sore heel.

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night splint for plantar fasciitis

Stretching Products

Never underestimate the power of a good stretch, especially for plantar fasciitis! One of the most commonly prescribed treatments for plantar fasciitis is stretching out the muscles and ligaments around the heel. To get the most out of stretching, we have heel and foot stretching products to aid your recovery and relieve pain and tightness associated with plantar fasciitis.

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foot sling for plantar fasciitis

Hot and Cold Therapy

Whether you like it hot or cold, we can help! Tempature therapy can be used to assist in relieving muscle pain attributed to plantar fasciitis. Our hot and cold packs, thermotherapy wraps and temporary hot and cold relieving gel are great solutions to muscle tightness. 

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