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Prepare for Care: Multiple Sclerosis 

Simplified Solutions for MS Caregiving

Caring for a family member with multiple sclerosis can be overwhelming, as symptoms change and range in degrees. Dealing with these symptoms one day at a time, knowing when to reach out for help and finding the right MS home care supplies is essential to MS caregiving.

Work as a team:

Caring for a loved one can cause a mental shift in roles. When children care for parents, both parties may feel that their traditional obligations have switched around. Parents caring for children with MS may feel a heavy burden. Those who care for partners with MS may experience a transition in their relationship that no longer feels equal in terms of responsibility. 

Rather than view caregiver roles as full of seemingly endless responsibilities, caregivers can think of it as an opportunity to work with those they care for as a team. Communication is essential, as some symptoms may not be recognizable by caregivers, but are experienced by loved ones with MS. Creating a healthy relationship will allow individuals with MS to speak openly.

Learn about MS:

Family members with MS may develop cognitive problems, especially recalling recent memories. Caregivers who learn about the common symptoms that can develop as a result of MS can prepare themselves for these potential issues. If loved ones begin to display memory problems, caregivers can provide support and empathize.

Those with MS may experience fatigue. This effect is not as obvious as others, and those with MS often wish that their caregivers understood this problem better. Fatigue, like other major symptoms, becoming increasingly more severe during hot weather. Due to heat sensitivity issue from Multiple Sclerosis, many people living with the disease use assistive cooling products for quick relief.

Maintain a journal:

MS is a condition that has constantly changing symptoms, so accurately tracking loved ones' health can be useful for caregivers and doctors. Monitor and write down changes in symptoms, updated medication lists, contact information and any questions or concerns that may arise on both sides of the caregiving relationship. Developing these journals can create a better teamwork mentality between caregivers and those they care for.

Do not hesitate to ask for help:

Caregiving can be rewarding, but can also become overwhelming. Help for caregivers come in many forms, from familial assistance to support groups both online and in-person. It can be easy for caregivers to become caught up in everyday tasks. Remember that mental and physical health is important for those with MS and caregivers. After all, happy and healthy caregivers provide the best care for loved ones.

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