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Prepare for Care: Hip and Knee Surgery

Simplified Home Caregiving Solutions for Hip and Knee Surgery 

When a loved one is recovering from hip or knee surgery, wondering what to expect and how to help can be confusing. The time frame for a person to regain mobility unassisted after surgery can vary dramatically depending on their individual situation. During this time, it is important to have the appropriate surgery recovery mobility products and have your home prepared for both safety and at home rehabilitation to maximize recovery time. This prepare for care section provides helpful tips and resources specific to hip and knee surgery recovery, which in return will allow your loved one recover quickly and comfortably.

Getting the Home Ready:

When recovering from hip and knee surgery, a fall can delay recovery indefinitely. A place where falls happen often is in the shower, so be sure to use bathing and hygiene aids. This will allow your loved one to maintain their independence and safety.  Other ways to make your home as safe as possible include in home care aids like safety rails. These can be installed in rooms like the bathroom and bedroom. If a fall should happen, it is important to have fall management products to minimize injury.

Getting Around:

Whether it’s getting around in the home or outside, your loved one will need mobility aids. This not only helps them get from place to place, but also lets them keep pressure off of the healing joints.

Staying Comfortable:

During the recovery, your loved one may experience some discomfort. To ease their pain, use post-op assistors like abductor cushions and supportive pillows.  These keep joints supported for speedy recovery and provide comfort for your loved one.
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