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Stroke Products

Bathing & Hygiene Items

Minimize the challenges the bathroom can present after a stroke with our bathroom safety and independence products.
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Dining Aids

Choose from a variety of eating and drinking aids for stroke aftercare.
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Speech Therapy Aids

Browse our speech therapy products to get on the road to recovery after a stroke.
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Swallowing Helpers

Choose from this range of products to retrain proper swallowing of solids and liquids after a stroke.
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Caregiving Education Tools

These instructive materials provide caregiving tips on feeding and cooking for stroke patients.
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Rehabilitation Aids

Whether rehabilitating cognition or coordination after a stroke, these products are designed for the road to recovery.
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Medication Aids

Use these pill poppers, splitters and crushers to overcome limited hand strength after a stroke that hinders taking medication.
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Bedroom Safety & Comfort Aids

Ease the burden of even basic tasks after a stroke with our dressing and bedroom safety products.
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Condition Overview: Stroke

Strokes occur when blood flow to a part of the brain suddenly stops or when a blood vessel in the brain breaks, bleeding into other areas. The first, known as an ischemic stroke, is more common than the second, which is referred to as a hemorrhagic stroke, though both can result in issues with cognitive and motor function.

What are the effects?

During a stroke, brain cells are damaged either because they are not receiving oxygen and nutrients from the lack of blood flow or because of the bleeding around the brain. The symptoms of a stroke vary depending on which areas of the brain are affected and how long the attack lasted. Individuals may experience motor, cognitive and speech problems. The effects of stroke include weakness or paralysis on one side of the body, memory and learning issues, and trouble understanding and forming speech.

Recurrent strokes are common, but there are many post-stroke treatments and products that can help decrease the chances of such an occurrence.



Prepare for Care: Stroke

What to expect

Following a stroke, there is an immediate need for therapy. The recovery process will differ depending on the level of stroke that you had. Activities that you may have trouble with include:

  • Movement: If motor functions are affected by a stroke, physical therapy sessions can help you get back on your feet.
  • Speech: Communication and swallowing may be challenging following a stroke. In these cases, speech pathologists can help you regain your speaking and swallowing abilities.
  • Everyday tasks: You may find that everyday tasks are now more difficult to tend to, from getting dressed in the morning to cooking. Though you may require some assistance in the early stages of your recovery, there are many stroke recovery products that can help you regain your sense of independence as you work toward full recovery.

In the early stages of recovery, you will likely have many follow-up appointments. As time goes on, you will require less assistance from others. Investing in the right products for stroke recovery can help you during the entire recovery process by keeping you safe and in the comfort of your own home.

Prepare Your Home

You can implement some of the same concepts and ideas from hospital stays and speech and physical therapy sessions in your home.

  • Speech therapy aids: If speaking is a problem in the early stages of recovery, communication devices can help you convey your thoughts to friends and family members. Additionally, you can help supplement your speech therapy sessions with ColorCards packs, including ones that focus on familiar verbs, adjectives and everyday objects.
  • General safety: The peace of mind and sense of security during inpatient stays should not be lost in the home. Items such as bed rails, grab bars in the bathroom and shower chairs can help you navigate your home safely and with confidence - a big step toward independence and resuming your daily routine.
  • Rehabilitation aids: There are many stroke rehabilitation aids you can use at home. You can strengthen your diaphragm with your own personal breath builder or improve your motor functions with the Carrot Hand Orthosis Kit. No matter what your personal recovery goals are, there are stroke recovery products that can help simplify the process.
  • Adaptive dining tools: Eating aids can help you increase your independence during mealtimes. Counter grip difficulties with the ADL Cuff with D-Ring and hone your motor skills with scoop dishes and weighted cups for dysphagia that foster your stroke rehabilitation.

Everyday tasks can be a breeze when you invest in the right tools. Dressing assistance and medication aids can help you tend to daily activities easily.

After a stroke, it may seem like most of the recovery process is immediate care such as attending speech and physical therapy sessions. However, minimizing the chances of future strokes should be kept in mind with a heart healthy lifestyle. Luckily, these efforts can be aided with blood pressure monitors, which can help keep you informed about your health well after a stroke.




Shopping List: Stroke

  • 25317 - 25322 SoftPro Functional Resting Hand Splint
  • 22108 GoTalk™ Communicator 20+
  • 23040 Stroke Independence Pak
  • 23008 Stroke Dressing Independence Pak
  • 26934 Inflatable Carrot and Accessory Kit
  • 22069 Grip Utensils, Set of Four
  • 23082 Freedom Suction Scoop Bowl
  • 23094 TheraSIP Swallowing Trainer
  • 27893 The Patient Pod
  • 24038 AliRail™ for the Bed

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