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Hot & Cold Therapy for Arthritic Feet

Hot and Cold Arthritic Foot Pain Relief

Heat Therapy for Arthritis Foot Pain

Heat helps relax muscles and stimulate blood flow for improved circulation. Stiff, tense, and sore arthritic feet can be relaxed and pain relieved by applying anarthritis hot pack.In addition, arthritis socks and foot warming slippers can also relieve aches, pains and stiffness associated with arthritic feet. These solutions apply both warmth and gentle compression to help soothe and increase your foot circulation.

Paraffin wax treatments are another excellent option for hot arthritis pain relief. A paraffin wax arthritis foot spa uses paraffin's heat-retaining capacity to warm and soothe your foot.

Cold Therapy for Arthritis Foot Pain

Foot arthritis pain can cause a burning sensation that can be simply and easily cooled down with cold by applying an arthritis cold pack, or a specific arthritic foot product like therapy socks to apply cooling relief just the right locations.

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