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Shoulder Arthritis Supports

Hot & Cold Shoulder Arthritis Pain Relief Products

Shoulder Arthritis Pain

A leading cause of pain in the shoulder for older adults is shoulder arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type and has been reported to affect over 60% of adults 60 and over. Shoulder Arthritis is caused when the protective cartilage (the slick, cushioning surface on the ends of bones) wears to the point that bone rubs against bone, causing pain, swelling and stiffness. In the shoulder this combination of pain and stiffness also means limited shoulder range of motion.


Conservative treatment for shoulder arthritis typically includes some combination of the following: application of heat or ice, over-the-counter pain medications, and the use of a brace or sling to support and rest the shoulder or to improve posture to alleviate stress on the shoulder joint. EasierLiving has specific solutions for Hot and Cold Therapy for shoulder arthritis including Cryotherm Shoulder Wraps and Bed Buddy Comfort Wraps.

Supports for the shoulder come in a variety of styles: slings for resting a painful shoulder during a bad flare up, stabilizers for joint protection and to provide soothing compression during functional use, and postural supports which help with shoulder joint alignment and help manage pain. We selected three of the best solutions here on the right of this page. We also have a wide range of other professional quality shoulder braces, slings and immobilizers.

Other Interventions

Because living with shoulder arthritis and joint discomfort can interfere with your daily routine, EasierLiving also offers a wide range of top mobility solutions and daily living aids that can help with arthritis. Limiting overhead reaching is particularly important with managing shoulder arthritis symptoms. Look for items with long-handles to extend reach to make tasks like brushing your hair or retrieving items from overhead cabinets easier and pain free! Shoulder arthritis products are available by category so you can easily find the right products for your specific needs including arthritis mobility products to help around the house and bathing and dressing arthritis products.

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