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Arthritis Products

Daily Living

Check out our range of arthritis relief products that stop joint pain from interfering with daily activities.


Bathing & Hygiene

Find new ways to extend productive and independent living with arthritis with our bathing and hygiene products.


Dressing Helpers

Put on socks, pants and shoes more easily, with these helpful dressing aids.

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Kitchen Aids

This line of assistive eating and drinking aids compensates for limited hand strength and coordination.

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Mobility Devices

Keep moving with this selection of products that support active living and independence with arthritis.

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Get relief with hot and cold therapy as well as orthopedic supports for every joint and extremity.

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Condition Overview: Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, which can cause stiffness and subsequent joint pain in the affected areas.

Recognize the Symptoms

Many assume that joint pain comes with age and may not seek the help they need. One study found that one in five seniors deal with joint pain caused by arthritis, but roughly half of the participants were unsure of the cause of their pain.

Arthritis is a common condition that can happen among the young and the old. There are three types of arthritis - rheumatoid, osteoarthritis and juvenile arthritis. Different treatment methods can help, depending on which type of arthritis people have. Arthritis can affect many areas of the body, notably the hips, knees, hands and wrists. Arthritis is characterized by swelling, redness, stiffness, pain and lack of mobility. There are many causes for arthritis, including autoimmune deficiencies and previous joint injuries.

Common Treatments

There are different treatment approaches for arthritis pain. People can try different therapies and assess which ones work best to alleviate pain.

  • Temperature-based therapy:

    Heat therapy is credited with reducing inflammation and pain, while increasing overall blood flow. Cold therapy helps lessen joint inflammation pain by numbing irritated or inflamed joint tissue.

  • Immobilization aids:

    Immobilization aids are designed to help people rest the joint. Immobilization aids can help stabilize the aggravated joint and support it. Short-term immobility can help ease joint pain by not using the joint and improve people's flexibility later on.

  • Diet change:

    Diets that promote weight management are effective as well. Proper diets can lessen joint pain by decreasing the amount of weight on the joints. For every one pound lost, four pounds of weight is taken off the knees.

  • Physical activity:

    Exercises like yoga, strength training and aerobics also are beneficial. Increasing movement gradually can help increase blood flow to the aggravated joint, lessening joint stiffness and improving cardiovascular health. Over time, people will become more flexible as the tissue inflammation and the stiffness lessens. These exercises can also help maintain strength and build new muscle around the sore joints.



Prepare for Care: Arthritis

what to expect

Those with arthritis may notice that they are not as limber as they used to be. Stiffened joints decrease peoples' mobility and cause pain, so simple activities like walking long distances may feel like a chore. However people should not be discouraged by this - there are many products for joint pain that can make living with arthritis an easy task.

Investing in the right arthritis relief products can assure contentment and happiness. Comfort products coupled with treatment methods may be the best route for people with this condition. There are many different treatments to try. You may find that one method is more effective than another. Test out these treatments to discover which one works best.

Prepare Your Home

Choosing the proper comfort products can help make your home safe for living with arthritis. Hot and cold packs are an easy start for those considering temperature-related therapy treatments. These packs can be used in the home whenever they are needed and are a great help for reducing inflammation while resting. Also consider orthopedic support products that can help diminish joint pain. Try out the comforter splint or other knee and hand supports that use compression and stability to lessen condition symptoms through immobilization.

There are a few home products that make daily routines easier and give loved ones their independence back. Try out the automatic pill dispenser for hands-free access or products that make gripping a breeze such as the great grips doorknob turner. Mobility devices can help increase your mobility while supporting aching joints and help you get a little exercise in too.

There are also products that can help in the bathroom. Bathing can be a pain if you do not have the tools you need because of poor flexibility and difficulty sitting and standing. Try out shower bars to help your balance and support you as you climb in and out of the tub. It also can be a pain to stand for a long time in the shower. Install a shower seat to rest aching joints and reduce joint stiffness. EasierLiving carries plenty of bathing and hygiene products to help older adults bathe independently. You can easily install and place these items in the bathroom.

Getting dressed can be troubling with arthritis. Simple activities like pulling up a zipper or putting on shoes can seem daunting without help due to problems with dexterity. Though caregivers may be there to provide assistance, help with older adults' dignity by giving them dressing aids.

Not just seniors with arthritis may be hesitant to try out these products at first. However, those dealing with joint pain will recognize that certain arthritis care products can make activities simple again. Finding and using these products is as easy as ordering them.



Shopping List: Arthritis

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