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Alzheimer's & Dementia Products

Activity Helpers

Interact with these Alzheimer's activity products either independently or in groups.


Daily Living Aids

These products help with home accessibility mobility and coordination for many everyday tasks.


Bathroom & Hygiene Helpers

Breathe easier with products to help safely bathe, shower and groom those with Alzheimer's at home.

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Dining Aids

This line of assistive eating and drinking aids compensates for limited hand strength and coordination.

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Caregiver Tools

Get smart about dementia care with these educational cds and books.

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Fall & Wandering Alarms

Reduce dangerous falls and wandering episodes with our door alarms, tracking devices, bed rails and grab bars.

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Condition Overview: Alzheimer's & Dementia

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Alzheimer's is a form of dementia, which refers to a chronic mental condition caused by brain disease or injury that affects memory, personality and reasoning abilities.

Stage 1: No Impairment
There are no symptoms at this point - memory and cognitive functions appear normal.

Stage 2: Minimal Impairment
People note their own forgetfulness - they may have trouble remembering names or frequently misplace items. However, these issues are not serious enough to alert friends, family members or physicians.

Stage 3: Mild Cognitive Impairment/Mild or Early-Stage Alzheimer's Friends and family members begin to notice that memory seems to be a problem. Loved ones may forget names, places and recent events. At this stage, some, but not all, people may be diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer's.

Stage 4: Moderate Cognitive Impairment/Mild or Early-Stage Alzheimer's
Individuals have difficulty with sequential tasks, such as cooking and shopping. Additionally, they may have trouble with their finances. Friends and family members are aware of the problem, which may lead people to grow defensive and try to cover up their mistakes.

Stage 5: Early Dementia/Moderate or Mid-Stage Alzheimer's
At this point, people need help with daily tasks. They are unable to recall personal history details and are easily disoriented. Their judgment skills also decline, heightening safety risks.

Stage 6: Middle Dementia/Moderately severe or Mid-Stage Alzheimer's
People are no longer aware of present events and cannot accurately recall the past. Additionally, they are unable to tend to everyday activities such as eating and dressing. However, they still respond to nonverbal stimuli. Hallucinations and agitation become frequent problems, which can lead to personality changes and suspicion of friends and family members.

Stage 7: Severe Dementia/Severe or Late-Stage Alzheimer's
During the final stage, people have extreme difficulty with all daily activities including speech, eating or mobility. They require around-the-clock support for all daily living tasks and needs.



Prepare for Care: Alzheimer's & Dementia

what to expect

Early Stages:You may not notice any problems during the early stages. However, loved ones themselves may realize that they frequently forget names and misplace items. Because of this, family members may feel the need to hide their memory impairment and may succeed in doing so. Keep an eye out for details - for example, if someone normally keeps the house spotless, a particularly dusty room or a recurring sink full of dishes may indicate a bigger underlying problem. Offer to help by reminding him or her of events and sympathize with memory difficulties.

Moderate/Middle Stages: People with the condition can no longer keep their memory problems a secret. The areas of the brain that control language, sensory processing, reasoning and conscious thought are damaged during these stages. People may forget their personal history, day-to-day details, have trouble recognizing friends, or knowing the current time and place. Hands-on caregiving is necessary at this point. You will need to constantly remind family members of where they are and look out for signs of wandering. The need for assistance with everyday activities will progressively increase, making home caregiving products essential.

Severe/Late Stages: By this point, Alzheimer's will affect every aspect of family members' lives. They can no longer communicate and are entirely dependent on their caregivers.

Prepare Your Home

During the early stages of Alzheimer's, loved ones can benefit from items that help with everyday tasks, such as calendars or pill boxes. Begin the process of becoming a caregiver by offering as much help as your loved one needs and working together as a team. Allow him or her to live as independently as possible.

In the moderate and middle stages of Alzheimer's, caregivers should invest in daily living aids that encourage family members with dementia to live happily and independently for as long as possible. As the disease progresses, purchase and install wandering prevention products to help keep family members with memory decline safe. Additionally, encourage them to exercise their brains and keep busy by giving them Alzheimer's activities.

In the early part of the severe and late stages, mobility aids can allow family members with Alzheimer's to move around. Bathroom products and everyday living aids can enable them to carry out essential tasks. During the later part of these stages, invest in bedroom products that keep people with Alzheimer's as comfortable as possible.



Shopping List: Alzheimer's & Dementia

  • 27889 EZ Mornings Tool Kit
  • 24213 Flex Your Brain Cards
  • 22099 Cards: Everyday Activities to Sequence
  • 29296 SoftEdge
  • 22058 Wireless Wander Alarm
  • 28766 Pill Organizer, 31-Day Monthly with Alarm Clock
  • 22066 Redware Basic Dining Set
  • 22114 Redware Deluxe Dining Set
  • 22051 Activity Pillow
  • 22137 Picture Phone
  • 28008 Wireless Departure & Fall Prevention 2-Pendant Paging System
  • 24391 Reminiscing through the 20th Century
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