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SkiL-CARE Products Customer Testimonials

Skil-CARE Heel Float:
Excellent product-
I ordered this boot for my mom who broke her hip and developed a heel sore from her hospital stay. The cooling insert is a nice feature since the foot gets hot when enclosed. We have been using this for a few days now, and my mom's heel is getting better already."
- Shirley, NYC, NY

SkiL-CARE Products - Advanced Design for Nursing and Therapy

SkiL-CARE Corporation manufactures safety, positioning and pressure relief products for use in wheelchairs or beds. All SkiL-CARE products are proudly made in the USA.

SkiL-CARE Products

We provide over 50 of SkiL-CARE's top products that are best suited for the home health caregiver's needs. Shop below for SkiL-CARE pads, positioners, protectors and more:
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Starting at: $18.00
Poncho Restraint
  • Lightweight white mesh poncho slips over head for bed or wheelchair
  • Fit adjustment loops to wheelchair handles for posture, or use with waist strap to keep patient prone in bed

Starting at: $100.50
SkiL-Care™ Cushion-Top Vinyl Bed Rail Pads
  • Provide added protection with cushioning that covers top and resident side of bed rails
  • Pads extend between and below the mattress and bed rails

Starting at: $35.75
SkiL-Care™ Geri Chair Leg Postioner
  • Foam-padded leg positioner prevents legs from slipping off
  • Helps to improve sitting posture
  • Wipe-clean nylon cover

Starting at: $12.95
SkiL-Care™ Heel/Elbow Protector
  • Constructed of soft polyfoam padding contoured to fit heels, elbows or knees
  • Oversized stockinette sleeve keeps the pad securely positioned without constriction
  • Color-coded for size

Starting at: $45.00
SkiL-Care™ Post-Hip Surgery Cushion
After replacement surgery, protect your new hip and stay in position with this Skil-Care™ 6" thick, high-density foam cushion. Follow the doctor's orders while you heal and get the support you need to not bend beyond 90 degrees -- just as instructed! 18"W x 16"L x 6"H, with wipe-clean vinyl cover.
  • Enables patients recovering from hip surgery to keep their legs straighter while sitting and to rise more easily from any chair
  • High-density foam provides comfort and reduces pressure

Starting at: $82.25
SkiL-Care™ Split-Rail Vinyl Bed Rail Pads
  • Sized to fit four-section bed rails
  • Cushioned with 1"- thick foam padding
  • Covered with nonallergenic, bacteriostatic vinyl that wipes clean for easy care

Starting at: $47.75
SkiL-Care™ Wheelchair Leg Support
  • Prevents legs from falling backwards off foot pedals
  • Foam padded covered in wipe-clean vinyl
  • Fits 18" or 16" wheelchair

Starting at: $11.75
Skil-Care™ Wheelchair Workout™: Wheelchair Exercise
  • Completely portable, weighs only 3 pounds!
  • Secures to push-handles or footrest supports in seconds with Velcro closures to all wheelchairs up to 26" wide
  • Use one 64" length for all exercises – no need to cut or tie bands or tubing

Only 4 Left in Stock!!

Starting at: $145.00
SkiL-Care™ Bed Foot Support
Strap to the mattress to comfortably hold feet in the correct position for a good night’s sleep. Additionally helps prevent foot drop — and gets the weight of those blankets off your feet to keep painful Charlie Horses at bay. Foam, with wipe-clean cover. Use straight or angled side for best comfort.
  • Provides comfortable foot positioning
  • Helps prevent foot drop
  • Wipe-clean vinyl

Starting at: $144.50
SkiL-Care™ Contour Cushion
  • Helps position patient correctly and provides pressure relief
  • Cushion's raised front maintains neutral position of pelvis to control forward thrust
  • Elevated sides promote lateral stability
  • Prevents forward sliding
54 Matches found
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