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Redware Tableware Helps Alzheimer's Patients Consume More

A recent Boston University study suggests that weight loss in Alzheimer's patients is at least in part due to the loss of the ability to distinguish contrast between colors. Alzheimer's sufferers  are not able to distinguish light colored food and drink on or in light colored tableware. That's where Redware comes into play. When using tableware that offered a high contrast to the food and drink, researchers found a 24% increase in food intake and an 84% increase in liquid consumption.

Redware Tableware

Choose the right Redware dining set for your needs: The Redware Basic Dining Set includes a red cup, flatware (a fork and a spoon) and a scoop plate/bowl. The Redware Deluxe Dining Set set includes a red cup, flatware, an inner lip plate and partitioned plate with a lid. In addition we sell Redware Lip Plates, Partitioned Plates and Scoop Dishes separately. Shop all Redware products below: 

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Redware Dining Sets
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Redware Scooper Dish
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