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Hapad products are recognized by orthopaedic foot & ankle specialists as the most affordable and most effective method for treating painful, common foot complaints. Hapad pads were initially designed and developed in the 1930′s by Dr. Emil D.W. Hauser. Today, thousands of physicians throughout the world use and recommend Hapad pads.

Hapad products are manufactured from 100% natural wool felt. Wool felt retains it's shape, wicks moisture, provides comfort and support without injuring the foot or restricting normal foot movement.

Hapad continues to sell signature products including the Hapad metatarsal and longitudinal metatarsal pads and Hapad heel lifts made of the same high-standard of premium wool felt. In addition, Hapad has expanded their product line to address additional foot pain and discomfort.

Hapad - Common sense solutions for common foot pains

Shop our wide selection of affordable, professional quality Hapad foot products including Hapad's top-selling metatarsal pads, dancer pads, scaphoid pads and Hapad's full line of acclaimed heel pads.
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Starting at: $11.95
HAPAD 3/4 Length Heel Wedges
  • Effective for treating Achilles Tendinitis
  • Hapad heel wedge extends to the ball of the foot for greater comfort
  • Available widths: 2-1/2” and 3”
  • Available thicknesses: 3/8”, 7/16”, and 9/16”
  • Hapad wedges are sold in pairs or in a case of 12 pairs for select sizes

Starting at: $11.99
HAPAD 3/4 Length Medial/Lateral Heel Wedge
  • Hapad Medial/Lateral Heel Wedges prevent your foot from rolling in or out
  • Recommended for Medial Osteoarthritis in the knee
  • Reversible for either medial or lateral wedging
  • Available in 3" and 2-1/2" widths
  • Hapad heel wedges are sold in pairs and in packs of 12 pairs

Starting at: $11.95
HAPAD Comf-Orthotic® Insoles
  • All-in-one heel cushion, arch support and metatarsal pad
  • Hapad Comf-Orthotic Insoles are a proven effective treatment for heel pain and plantar fasciitis
  • Adhesive backed
  • Remarkable comfort, cushioning and support
  • Ideal for long hours of standing or walking
  • Hapad Comf-Orthotic Insoles are 100% natural wool felt
  • 3/4 length insole design will not change how your shoe fits
  • Full-length insole design provides added cushioning in the toe area

Starting at: $7.00
HAPAD Dancer Pads
  • Most useful for bunions, turf toe and swelling around the big toe
  • Dancer pads are available in men's and women's sizes
  • Hapad's perfectly designed dancer pad derives its name from its common use by dancers to relieve pain caused by calluses and blisters under the big toe

Starting at: $14.95
HAPAD Heel Pads
  • Hapad heel pads softly cushion while healing a bruised or sensitive heel
  • Adhesive backing ensures the pad won't slip during use

Starting at: $14.99
HAPAD Horseshoe Heel Pads
  • Horshoe heel pads provide excellent relief from bruises and other sensitivities under the heel
  • Removable center allows for redistribution of relief
  • Available widths: 2-1/2" and 3"
  • Hapad Horshoe Heel Pads are sold in 3 pair packs

Starting at: $17.00
HAPAD Longitudinal Metatarsal Arch Pads
  • Hapad arch pads provide soft corrective support for flat or weak arches while allowing your foot to exercise and flex
  • Patented design provides a unique combination of metatarsal and scaphoid support
  • Hapad Longitudinal Metatarsal Arch Pads are sold in 3 pair and 12 pair packs
  • Choose from five progressive thicknesses to comfortably support flat or weak arches

Starting at: $7.00
HAPAD Medial/Lateral Heel Pads
  • Angled to keep the ankle from incorrectly rolling while walking
  • Adhesive back keeps the pad secure in your favorite shoe

Starting at: $7.00
HAPAD Metatarsal Bars
  • A comfortable metatarsal lift to reduce pressure on the ball of the foot that causes calluses and other forefoot irritations
  • Available sizes: Small, Medium, & Large
  • Thickness 5/16"

Starting at: $7.00
HAPAD Metatarsal Cookies
  • Hapad Metatarsal Cookies are excellent options for treating corns, calluses or blisters
  • Relieves pressure on ball of foot and watch your calluses disappear
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