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Starting at: $14.95
FREEDOM® comfort™ Wrist Support
  • Offers excellent stabilization, protection and support for several wrist injuries
  • It is easy to apply and very comfortable
  • The narrow web space alleviates pinching during wear

Starting at: $24.95
FREEDOM® CTS Stop Splint
  • Controls and supports wrist without interfering with function of the hand
  • Excellent for people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other hand and wrist conditions
  • Helps to prevent swelling of joints that displaces fingers

Starting at: $24.95
FREEDOM® Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Support
  • Controls pain by keeping the elbow from fully extending
  • Easy to put on, comfortable to wear

Starting at: $35.95
FREEDOM® Cushioned Heel Support
  • Designed to help relieve heel pain
  • Horseshoe-shaped 1/4" PPT pad

Starting at: $32.95
FREEDOM® Dorsal PF Night Splint by AliMed

Other products also hold the foot firm at 90° for nighttime plantar fasciitis pain relief. But the FREEDOM® Dorsal PF Night Splint you won’t mind wearing at all. It’s the pinnacle of comfort and flexibility — a sleek non-bulky design that breathes air so you won’t perspire and overheat, with a flexible shell that still lets you walk with relative ease.
  • Less bulky, cooler, lower profile dorsal night splint
  • Dorsal so it is easier to walk in at night
  • New flexible night splint shell allows easier ambulation

Starting at: $9.80
FREEDOM® Elastic Wrist Support, Short and Long
  • Allow for good finger range of motion while also keeping wrist restrained
  • Excellent option for long-term wear to support arthritis pain
  • Can be worn after cast removal, provides support for post-cast fragility

Starting at: $49.95
FREEDOM® Elbow Hyperextension Preventer
  • Controls extension and rotation to stabilize the elbow
  • Biceps closure helps to maintain proper positioning throughout the covered area

Starting at: $49.75
FREEDOM® Finger Contracture Orthosis and Hygiene Kit
  • Attach bacteriostatic palmar swab to clean contracted hand easily

Starting at: $61.75
FREEDOM® Finger Contracture Orthosis Kits
  • Keeps fingers away from the palm to protect the skin from  moisture, pressure, and potential nail puncture
  • The  cotton cover is filled with washable, absorbent wool fleece to  keep the hand cool and dry
  • It will conform to the hand, which helps to reduce warping in the finger tendons

Starting at: $24.95
FREEDOM® Form™ Thumbkeeper
  • Comfortable, customizable splint made to fit any hand as it molds to you
  • Immobilizes and supports wrist and thumb joint that become irritated from movement with arthritis
  • Allows for full functional mobility and helps to reduce pain


60 Matches found
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Page : 3 of 6   [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 ]

"The order we placed YESTERDAY for an Obus backrest has already arrived....Dedham to Jackson.....Amazing. Hooray for UPS service and Hooray for you and your company.  Nice going."

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