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Hand and Wrist Products for Homecare

Day-to-day tasks rely on your hands and wrist being pain-free and healthy. Our hand and wrist products will help you exercise, support, relax and protect them.
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Starting at: $8.95
Hand Muscles Exercisers
  • Three amazing products to exercise your hand muscles for improved gripping
  • Great for every level of rehabilitation after injury or someone suffering from shaky, weak hands

Starting at: $32.95
Heavy-Duty T-Gel™ Impact Mitt
  • Comfortable fit that is ideal for heavy-duty activities
  • The T-Gel cushions disperse energy to alleviate the impact heavy objects have

Starting at: $26.95
Helpful Hands
Grasps objects for those with weak or injured hands
Reduces repetitive motion strain and muscle force required to perform daily tasks
Provides compression, warmth, and comfort

Starting at: $12.00
Holding Mitt
  • Secures a weakened hand to a grip on any machine used for range of motion exercises
  • It easily fastens with a hook and loop closure

Starting at: $38.99
IMAK Adjustable Pil-O-Splint
The IMAK® splint stabilizes the hand and wrist with a luxuriously padded compression wrapping, for the utmost comfort. Great for Carpal Tunnel, forearm tendonitis, arthritis or minor sprain — and it looks good too. Welcome to the next-generation of healing! One size fits all.
  • Adjustable Pil-O-Splint
  • Extremely comfortable splint
  • Luxuriously padded splint
  • Fits just right thanks to the adjustable compression strap

Starting at: $24.75
IMAK Arthritis Socks
  • Effective, non-invasive arthritis relief
  • Provides mild compression to help control or decrease swelling of the joints
  • Open fingertips allow freedom to feel, touch and grip
  • Soft cotton material allows skin to breathe and keeps hands dry

Starting at: $38.99
Imak® Elbow Support
  • Restricts painful movement of injured elbow during sleep
  • Luxurious padded cotton splint with two adjustable compression straps
  • Interior plastic stay slides into hidden pocket to maintain full extension

Starting at: $38.99
IMAK® Pil-O-Splint®
  • Gently immobilizes the wrist, hand, and fingers in a neutral position
  • Provides pain relief and wrist protection, especially when you are sleeping or not being active
  • Made of ultra-light cushioning foam

Starting at: $22.99
IMAK® SmartGlove®
  • Forces the hand to stay neutrally positioned to help prevent and relieve carpal tunnel syndrome
  • The removable stay provides flexible support while still allowing full use of the hand

Starting at: $19.95
Impacto Gloves™
  • Prevent symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and similar repetitive stress injuries
  • Anatomically designed to eliminate the pressure caused by vibrating tools
69 Matches found
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