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Managing Caregiver Stress

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Caregiving is a 24-hour a day job. Everything from managing prescriptions, home healthcare supplies and the day-to-day needs of a loved one can take a toll on a caregiver. In addition, many caregivers have full time jobs of their own. Due to the demands and pressure of caregiving, it’s important that caregivers know the best [...]


Beat the Clock this Daylight Savings

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In preparation for daylight savings, we participated in our first ever #sleepchat on Twitter this past Friday and we learned A LOT. Did you know that over 1/3 of American adults do not get enough sleep? Is anyone feeling like they are part of that statistic, today? We have turned to an extra cup of [...]


9 Tips for a Healthy Immune System

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Your immune system needs your help! You wash your hands after shaking someone else’s and you take your vitamins, but that might not be enough to keep you healthy. There are other factors that you probably overlook that could be contributing to your body’s inability to ward off illness. Staying healthy can be a challenge [...]


4 Tips for Choosing an Ergonomic Desk Chair

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If you have a desk job, you are likely to spend 56 hours a week sitting. That’s not just at your desk; that’s also in your car, on your couch, at your kids’ soccer games or at the movie theater. But seeing most of us maintain a 40-50 hour work week, one of our most [...]


Editor’s Post: Learning Accountability for Weight Loss

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Losing weight is never easy. I’ve watched several people try and lose weight through a healthy, regimented plan and it has never seemed easy.  A person needs supporters, determination, perseverance and self-control – lots and lots of self-control. Within my own struggle to shed the pounds, I have found the most challenging part to be [...]


Prevent the Flu – Get Vaccinated!

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Historically, I avoid the flu vaccine like the plague. I survived 4 years of college with a beloved roommate who never seemed to escape bronchitis or the flu, due to her internships at inner city elementary schools – I hardly thought I needed to vaccinate myself against the flu. I’m a lover of natural medicine: [...]


Five Factors Found to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

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Finally, a study reveals you CAN prevent, or at the least delay, diabetes regardless of family history. The new government funded study suggests, “every little bit helps” and highlights the five factors to increase chance of diabetes prevention.  It’s the first study to explore how several healthy habits combined can reduce the risk of developing [...]


News Update: Autism Not Caused by M.M.R Vaccine

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A panel of scientists assembled by the Institute of Medicine has released a study finding no evidence linking the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism. “The M.M.R. vaccine doesn’t cause autism, and the evidence is overwhelming that it doesn’t,” said Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton, the chairwoman of the panel. The report stated, many children [...]


Ergonomics for the Aging

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Since the dip in the economy a few years ago, many, who once thought their retirement fund was booming, saw a drastic drop in their investments.  Consequently, the workforce is populated with older Americans who cannot afford to retire. They continue to work, and do so in environments that are suited for young, all-around healthy [...]


Want to Live Longer? Be Friendly at Work

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A recent study out of Tel Aviv University reported that being friendly at work not only boosts office productivity, but also employee health!  The study suggests that people who had the support of colleagues and generally positive social interactions in the office were less likely to die over the course of a 20-year period than [...]