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5 Tips for Back Pain Relief

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Back pain can interfere with everyday life and limit our activities. To get answers on relief and prevention, we turned to an article featuring geriatric pain researcher Dr. Natalia E. Monrone. So what can we all do to either maintain a healthy back or recover from pain? Here are 7 places to start: Get moving. [...]

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The Valued Caregiver and Success in your Role

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With technology advancements and more educational resources about sustainable life on the rise, our potential life expectancy seems to increase everyday. However this also purposes many problems with how to live at that age when everyday life and tasks start becoming more and more difficult. The ideal situation is that elderly people get to stay in [...]


Tips to Cope with Chronic Back Pain

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Chronic back pain will disrupt your daily routine.  It may even force you to change routines or create new ones all together.  As a caregiver, you need to be at your best because you never know what curve balls will come your way.  Don’t worry – you can cope your chronic back pain without fuss [...]

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What Happens When Caregiving Gets Too Hard?

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It’s not a secret: Caregiving can be hard. Every caregiver is affected differently because every caree is different. You’ve done your caring research and now your a Caregiving Genius. But sometimes, no matter how much you love your caree, you hit your limit. It’s OK to borrow the ear of your most trusted friend or [...]


Calendars: A Caregiver’s Best Friend

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We’ve talked about it before: an organized schedule for caregivers is extremely important.  Some people have an innate need and skill of being organized – others do not. Growing up, I tormented my parents with my lack of organization.  Whether it was the neatness of my room or the homework assignment I left at home [...]


Five Factors Found to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

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Finally, a study reveals you CAN prevent, or at the least delay, diabetes regardless of family history. The new government funded study suggests, “every little bit helps” and highlights the five factors to increase chance of diabetes prevention.  It’s the first study to explore how several healthy habits combined can reduce the risk of developing [...]


The Dos and Don’ts of a Gluten-Free Diet

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Turns out people with celiac disease are not the only ones benefiting from the gluten-free foods and menus popping up across America. Nearly 15% of consumers in the United States are buying gluten-free goods, where only 1% of the population is affected by the disease. Gluten, a protein bound to a carbohydrate found in a piece of grain, is most commonly associated with bread and wheat products. But it can also be found in processed foods you sometimes splurge on at the grocery store or at restaurants.


Want to Live Longer? Be Friendly at Work

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A recent study out of Tel Aviv University reported that being friendly at work not only boosts office productivity, but also employee health!  The study suggests that people who had the support of colleagues and generally positive social interactions in the office were less likely to die over the course of a 20-year period than [...]