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Managing Caregiver Stress

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Caregiving is a 24-hour a day job. Everything from managing prescriptions, home healthcare supplies and the day-to-day needs of a loved one can take a toll on a caregiver. In addition, many caregivers have full time jobs of their own. Due to the demands and pressure of caregiving, it’s important that caregivers know the best [...]

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When It Comes to Diabetes, You Might Just Need to Relax

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Dr. Medha Munshi, director of the geriatrics program at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston says she has her patient’s children come in all the time asking loads of questions about what their parents should do to monitor their health better. While strong communication with your health care provider and asking many questions is highly [...]

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Finding Comfort In K-9s

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Home grown in Boston, MA, EasierLiving and it’s employees found the recent events at the Boston Marathon close to home and to the heart. In a search for my own healing and understanding of the event, I visited the growing memorial on Bolyston St the Saturday following the tragedy and the capture of Suspect #2. [...]


Stress Worsens Your Arthritis

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It’s no secret that stress makes existing conditions worse – colds, headaches, chronic back pain and, yes, arthritis. Reducing your stress levels will not cure or reverse your arthritis, but it may control it enough to keep your joints less sore and usable.  Relieving stress is not rocket science, nor is it identical to every person. Finding [...]

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Caregivers Among Most Stressed

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You are at the top of the list for one of the most stressed groups of people, your physical health could be at risk because of it and you need to do something about it! Who are you? You’re a caregiver, and according to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America report, the likelihood that [...]

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6 Tips on How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, Americans are tossing and turning for the answer. The long-term solution is not a magic pill or a quick fix, but instead, finding out what works best. Follow these 6 tips to help find peace in the sheets. 1. Be consistent: If the body knows what [...]