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Healing Foods for Pre and Post Surgery

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Surgery can be intimidating and create tension among family members. If it’s your first one or your 8th, the healing process still  takes time and recovering patients need special attention. With summer coming to an end, we wanted to focus on ways to make dealing with life’s curve balls a little easier. We are holding […]


The Thera Band- Helping You Stretch

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Are you embarking on a new fitness journey or intensifying your current one? Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, tennis player or swimmer, stretching and proper conditioning is essential. Or perhaps you just had surgery and need some help with difficult physical therapy. We applaud your ambition and want to reward you with some knowledge about […]


Exercise Progressively: Post-Surgery

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Finding motivation to exerciseis often challenging for everyone. If you add a health condition into the mix, exercise can seem like a mountain rather than a hill.  Exercising after hip or knee surgery is extremely important, because keeping your body active will help to speed recovery. Starting an exercise program to manage obesity can be […]


Prepare for Care: Hip and Knee Surgery Tip Sheet

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You have enough to worry about after you or a loved one has gone through hip or knee surgery. That’s why our expert caregivers have done the work for you with Prepare for Care! You can print this hip and knee surgery tip sheet and have all you need to know right in your hand. […]

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Hip Replacement Surgery: What You Need to Know

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The wear and tear endured from years of life living comes with sometimes-necessary new journeys towards health and healing. For people living with hip pain or immobility, hip replacement surgery, or hip arthroplasty, is a commonly used procedure. Hip replacements don’t necessarily just come with age. Numerous factors could lead a person towards needing a […]


Talking with Your Doctor About Life After a Stroke

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If you or a loved one experienced a stroke, you may be scared and in search of answers. Every person recovers differently from a stroke, and there is never a cut-and-dry answer in regards to the road to healing. In order to better understand exactly what happened, why, and what to do next, it’s necessary […]