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EZ Mornings Tool Pak, Only $38.95

Making Mornings Easier with the Tool Pak!

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Getting dressed is a routine task – until it takes too long to button a shirt or it’s too painful to put on a shoe. Getting dressed in the morning can become more of a challenge due to a health condition, like arthritis or Parkinsons.  The dexterity of our fingers and extremities lessons as we age or […]


Choosing Activities For Those Suffering From Alzheimer’s

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Just because a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease does not mean that they have to give up the activities they once enjoyed.  It is common for a person with Alzheimer’s to try and separate themselves from activities they once engaged in.  As a caregiver, it’s important that your loved one stay engaged in […]


Coping with Hallucinations Due to Parkinson’s

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Parkinson’s Disease affects the brain in more ways than loosing muscle control. Sometimes a loved one with Parkinson’s can experience detailed hallucinations due to the changes in their brain. These hallucinations can affect any and all of the senses. They could see people, animals or creatures around them; they could taste something in their mouth […]


Dining After Stroke: EZ Mealtime Starter Pak

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As we age or become ill, mealtime independence is a challenge. Conditions like arthritis weaken the ability to grip utensils, and muscle tremors make it difficult to pick up food plates. When faced with these afflictions, the EZ Mealtime Starter Pak is just the help you need. We bundled together our best tools to conquer mealtime frustrations […]


Adapting a Bathroom: Giving the Toilet a Boost

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Aging brings new challenges. These challenges can often present themselves in the form of aches and pains. Bending down, walking up stairs, sitting in a car or even getting dressed can be harder and harder as our bones and joints become less willing to do what we ask them too. The hips and knee joints, […]


Easier Morning’s with Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson’s Disease challenges people as caregivers or as the diagnosed. Simple daily tasks, like getting dressed can become the most challenging part of the day. With simple, inexpensive tools, Parkinson’s does not have to be a mean a loss of independence. If you or someone you care for is challenged by getting dressed, these tools […]


Caffeine and Parkinson’s Disease

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Previous studies have shown that avid coffee drinkers are at a lower risk to get Parkinson’s disease  than non-coffee drinkers.  A new study, similarly, shows that those who already have Parkinson’s can also greatly benefit from drinking caffeine.  The study, conducted by McGill University, shows that caffeine could have positive effects on movement control for […]