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Weight Gain and Arthritis (What You Need to Know)

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Like the chicken or egg dilemma, determining whether weight gain or arthritis comes first is a real head-scratcher. On the one hand, obese people are 60% more likely to develop arthritis than those of normal weight. On the other hand, an official arthritis diagnosis is often the catalyst for immediate weight gain, a fact that manufacturers of arthritis relief products take […]


Exercise Progressively: Post-Surgery

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Finding motivation to exerciseis often challenging for everyone. If you add a health condition into the mix, exercise can seem like a mountain rather than a hill.  Exercising after hip or knee surgery is extremely important, because keeping your body active will help to speed recovery. Starting an exercise program to manage obesity can be […]

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Bariatric Surgery for Teens?

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There is a lot of talk about bariatric surgery for obese adults. And sometimes, it is the only way to lose weight so drastically it saves your life.  But does this need to happen with teens? Is this the new number one answer for teen weight-loss?  Is diet and exercise at for adolescents no longer […]

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Obesity in Mother may be a Risk for Autism in Child

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A new study has been conducted and the results are troubling. According to researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute in California, pregnant women who are obese are 67% more likely to have a child with autism or other developmental disorders. The study followed 1,004 mothers and their children, some of which had autism and […]


Study Finds Increase in Lifespan of Americans

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Yesterday, we talked about how all that red meat you’re eating could literally be taking years off of your life. But today, we are going to focus on the positive! A recent 75-year long study has found a rise in the life spans of people in the United States. A few different factors have played […]

Fat Tuesday Debunked: Healthy Pancakes

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Avoid those decadent Fat Tuesday pancakes without breaking tradition! Fat Tuesday marks the end of Mardi Gras (which, in French, translates to ‘Fat Tuesday’) and celebrates a day of gluttony. Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday as it’s called in England, has been in practice for hundreds of years across the globe. Traditionally, the day is […]


Candy Corp. Decision Drives Obesity Awareness

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Mars, Inc, Candy Supplier, Takes Small Step in the Fight Against Obesity Chocolate is a common weakness for many Americans.  We turn to it for an energy boost, to fight depression or to just indulge our senses.  If consumed carefully, chocolate can be part of a healthy diet – but not many of us consume […]


Fighting Childhood Obesity

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Obesity is not just a national epidemic among adults. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the US over the past 30 years. The affects of this all-to-common condition can have devastating short and long-term affects. Children who are overweight or obese are at a higher […]


Obesity Rate Declining in Americans

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Despite fast food chains on every corner, it looks like Americans are shifting their weight. A recent Gallup report has broken the good news that obesity is on the decline. The decline is not drastic, but any improvements are a big step in the right direction for Americans. People know the negative affects of obesity […]

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Video: Bariatric Surgery

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We have walked you through tips on how to prepare for bariatric surgery, but understanding the surgery itself is something very important for those considering the procedure. Bariatric surgery reduces the size of the stomach and requires a significant life change on the part of the patient. When choosing to receive the procedure, one should […]