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A Treat to Keep You on Track

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Staying on task during a diet is extremely tricky.  I’ve always said, cheat a little – because it will help you stay successful.  The more you tell yourself “No,” the more you will crave whatever it is that has been denied – especially if you’re new to the dieting game. Don’t forget about treating yourself! […]


New Exercises Help Fight Off Dementia in Elderly

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A few months ago we discussed the benefits of playing Nitendo Wii had on people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Over several years, the same gaming system has been noted as a favorite past time for many seniors in nursing and assisted living homes. Recently, a study was conducted on people over 65 to determine if […]


4 Reasons Why Women Lose Weight Slower than Men

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Competing with your guy to lose weight by that office holiday party? You may want to think again – he will most likely win. Studies have showed time and time again that men lose weight faster than women. Male and female bodies are extremely different; it only stands to reason that they would handle weight […]


Editor’s Post: Learning Accountability for Weight Loss

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Losing weight is never easy. I’ve watched several people try and lose weight through a healthy, regimented plan and it has never seemed easy.  A person needs supporters, determination, perseverance and self-control – lots and lots of self-control. Within my own struggle to shed the pounds, I have found the most challenging part to be […]