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Don’t Freak Out! The Holidays Are Here!

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We’re here! It’s the week of Thanksgiving and it is ON! Your son is home from college, your daughter, her husband and their baby are crammed in her childhood bedroom, and Great Aunt Rosemarie and her new boyfriend/caregiver Carlos are posted up in your guest room. Time to defrost the turkey, peel potatoes, snip green [...]

Black Friday Holiday Shopping

Don’t Freak Out! The Holidays Are Coming!

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The holidays are officially around the corner. It starts with Thanksgiving next week and then we’re full swing into Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s.  It’s the time of year for shopping and cooking and cleaning and decorating and shopping some more. On top of your family, and work, and your responsibilities as a caregiver. [...]

Holiday Travel Tips for Caregivers

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Traveling around the holidays is a stressful task. Traveling for caregivers can seem impossible. But it’s not! Whether you’re catching a flight or heading off on a road trip, take these tips into consideration before you leave the house! Call ahead! Be prepared by calling to find the local hospitals, care centers and pharmacies. In [...]

Trick Your Mind with These Treats for At-Home Recovery

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It’s common to be overwhelmed when recovering from surgery or an injury. Aside from the physical aspect, the emotional component can really take a toll on you! Everything from understanding all of your home healthcare supplies around the house, to the thought of your recovery time frame, can rapidly increase stress. When it comes to [...]

At Home Physical Therapy: Organization and Documentation

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While physical therapy at home can be extremely convenient, the thought of losing direct contact with your physical therapist can be nerve-racking for some patients. Whether your entire rehab is taking place at home, or you are transitioning from in-office visits, stress is the last thing you need! After you have received your required exercises [...]


Our Favorite Mobility Home Healthcare Supplies

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Since attending the Abilities Expo in Boston, MA, we remain inspired by all the home healthcare supplies companies and outstanding caregivers we spent time with. Considering this week is Bone and Joint Health National Bone and Awareness Week, this is a great opportunity to share the mobility medical supplies that were popular at the expo. Our Foam Handle [...]