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Our Favorite Mobility Home Healthcare Supplies

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Since attending the Abilities Expo in Boston, MA, we remain inspired by all the home healthcare supplies companies and outstanding caregivers we spent time with. Considering this week is Bone and Joint Health National Bone and Awareness Week, this is a great opportunity to share the mobility medical supplies that were popular at the expo. Our Foam Handle [...]

Abilities Expo Recap – Traveling with Disabilities

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EasierLiving was honored to be a part of the Abilities Expo in Boston this year! We were able learn and connect with our customers in many different ways. We wanted to continue this experience by sharing some of the things we found, in case you weren’t able to attend. We learned about an amazing company [...]


Making Mealtime Easier –Suction Base Scoop Plates

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For most of us, eating any meal comes naturally. We don’t have to think about having trouble with our plates and utensils. But for some with arthritis and other dexterity issues, these everyday activities can be quite challenging and cause anxiety.  We attended the Abilities Expo last weekend here in Boston and got to interact [...]

When Your Knees Need Support, Bauerfeind is There!

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When we injure our joints, it can be hard to recover in a timely manner, since everything we do involves moving them or disrupting the healing process. We depend on our bodies to let us keep up with our busy schedules and active lifestyles, but sometimes additional  attention and support are required. When we age, [...]


The Thera Band- Helping You Stretch

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Are you embarking on a new fitness journey or intensifying your current one? Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, tennis player or swimmer, stretching and proper conditioning is essential. Or perhaps you just had surgery and need some help with difficult physical therapy. We applaud your ambition and want to reward you with some knowledge about [...]


Benefits of a Drivers Safety Course

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As we’ve discussed before, senior drivers over the age of 65 are the second most likely age group to get into a car crash only behind teenagers. As you age, pain or stiffness in the neck can make it harder to look over our shoulder to change lanes or look left and right at intersections [...]


Encouraging Mobility in Elderly Loved Ones

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Many elderly face mobility challenges. Mobility difficulty can be as mental as it is physical. This often discourages elderly from leaving the house and increases the chances of depression. As their caregiver, encourage your loved one to get up and out of the house.  It’s vital for them to get fresh air and experience the [...]

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Showers Everyone Can Use!

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Mobility doesn’t stop and start at your front door. Making your home accessible is as important as public places being more accessible.  Did you know you can transform your old bathroom into a oasis for everyone in your home, no matter their mobility challenges? Although some modifications are more expensive than others, there are always [...]


Traveling with a Disability Made Easy

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Some of the greatest family bonding opportunities happens during family vacations.  Planning a trip with a loved one with a disability can often be challenging, stressful and burdensome.  Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.  The Society of Accessible Travel and Hospitality will help you find accessible hotels, activities and destinations.  They provide helpful [...]


Making a Home Accesible: Start with the Doorknobs

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Traditionally, homes are equipped with round doorknobs on almost every door.  Loved ones with limited use of their hands, due to arthritis, Parkinson’s or stroke, will become increasingly aware of the difficulty presented by round doorknobs. Updating a round doorknob to a lever style will greatly increase your loved one’s independence.  Opening doors will be [...]