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Following the Trend: Wheel Chair Yoga

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I know what you’re thinking. Yoga is a practice that requires you to bend and stretch every which way and pushes your body to new limits. How can a wheelchair fit into the equation? After seeing the concept grow and gain popularity, we were curious ourselves. We posted a story on Facebook a few weeks [...]


Better Heart Health: One Sip at a Time

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Heart disease is preventable. But living and eating healthy isn’t always number one on a caregiver’s list of priorities. Good news: It doesn’t have to be. Below are a list of some great drinks that you can fill your “to-go” cup with in the morning and sip your way to better heart health! Although, we [...]


Probiotics for Autism

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It’s common for people with autism to have more digestive health problems than average. It’s said that 25% of autistic children have at least one chronic gastrointestinal symptom.  Probiotic microorganisms support digestive health in adults and children, so can probiotics help children and adults with autism? In a study done at the University of Reading, 40 [...]


Foods That Can Help Save Your Memory

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As of now, The National Institute of Health says that there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that your diet can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Many researchers believe, however, that the food you eat can help save your memory and keep your brain healthy. 5 Foods that May Keep Your Brain Healthy Oil-based salad dressings. [...]

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Enjoying Halloween with Diabetes

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For those with diabetes, Halloween can be tricky. It’s the one night that sugary candy is pretty much thrown at you for free, and resisting the temptation can be nearly impossible. But if you’re going to give into the temptation for this one night, these are the candies that you should choose to eat while [...]


Can Coffee Prevent Pain at Work?

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We’ve all been there before—sitting long hours at your desk job working hard (or hardly working) when you start to feel that aching pain in your shoulder or neck.  Shoulder and neck pain are common with work involving very low levels of muscle activity, such as office work with computers.  But can drinking coffee prior [...]


Foods Your Elderly Loved One Should Not Be Eating

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Many people think that just because a certain food is regarded as “healthy”, that it’s okay to feed it to your elderly loved one.  This is not always the case.  There are certain foods that we think of as healthy that can actually make your elderly loved one sick, causing food poisoning or other food-related [...]

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Eating Well While Caregiving

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Caregiving often requires long hours and can cause a lot of stress.  And all of that anxiety can lead to unhealthy stress eating.  It’s extremely important for you as a caregiver to maintain a healthy and balanced diet so you can offer your highest level of care! Here are some fun and unexpected things you [...]