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Dining Utensils Can Make Meal Time Better

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All dining utensils are not made equal. Basic utensils used everyday usually does the trick, but for your caree they may be extremely difficult to use.  If your loved one has shaky hands, a weighted dining utensil could be the answer to an easier meal-time. Often time weighted utensils look identical to traditional silverware, and [...]


A Treat to Keep You on Track

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Staying on task during a diet is extremely tricky.  I’ve always said, cheat a little – because it will help you stay successful.  The more you tell yourself “No,” the more you will crave whatever it is that has been denied – especially if you’re new to the dieting game. Don’t forget about treating yourself! [...]

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Eating Out with Diabetes

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Who doesn’t love going out to eat? It gives you the night off from cooking and a chance for you to get out of the house and reconnect with friends and family. But for those living with diabetes, it can take a little more planning. Avoiding restaurants all together is unrealistic and unfair to you! [...]


Cranberry Bean Pasta Fagioli

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The weather is finally getting cooler, the trees are providing you with something to rake, and you’ve switched from air conditioning to heat. Now it’s time for a treat that will warm you from the inside out. Here’s a fun and healthy spin on your mother’s old Italian pasta fagioli recipe that will leave you [...]


Why’s and Why Not’s of Drinking Wine

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For all you wine enthusiasts, the 2011 Wine Handbook was released in August by Beverage Information Group. The Wine Handbook is known as the most comprehensive source of detailed wine sales and consumption trends.  It focuses on categories like table wine, sparkling wine, wine coolers and vermouth. This comprehensive handbook includes information such as sales [...]


Food Safety in the United States Still in Question

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Over the past several years, food safety has been on the minds of all Americans. In the United States, consumers often take for granted the safety of the food at the corner store. Yet at the same time, the media has been highlighting cases of salmonella, E. coli and, most recently, listeria in domestically grown [...]


3 Simple Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

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It’s no secret that diabetes often leads to heart attacks or strokes. Now, researchers believe there is a strong link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In a recent study out of Japan, research have found men and women over the age of 60 with Type 2 Diabetes were twice as likely than other participants [...]


A Great Recipe to Keep Your Game Day Healthy

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Part of the constant struggle to stay on a healthy food track is the parties you’ll attend. In my circle, football season spikes the number of get-togethers and the number of calories consumed at each one. In an effort to stay healthy, but still appeal to the masses, I have adapted a game day classic: [...]


Editor’s Post: Learning Accountability for Weight Loss

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Losing weight is never easy. I’ve watched several people try and lose weight through a healthy, regimented plan and it has never seemed easy.  A person needs supporters, determination, perseverance and self-control – lots and lots of self-control. Within my own struggle to shed the pounds, I have found the most challenging part to be [...]