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Managing Caregiver Stress

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Caregiving is a 24-hour a day job. Everything from managing prescriptions, home healthcare supplies and the day-to-day needs of a loved one can take a toll on a caregiver. In addition, many caregivers have full time jobs of their own. Due to the demands and pressure of caregiving, it’s important that caregivers know the best [...]


Caregiving and Staying Healthy

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Here we talk a lot about mental healthy and staying stress-free.  As we slowly crawl toward Spring, the itch to be outside is growing stronger and stronger. Naturally, that makes us think about being active and staying fit.  Most caregivers would laugh at the notion of staying fit and physically healthy while focusing on a [...]


Taking a Moment for You

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So many times, caregivers focus on their busy schedule and pleasing everyone else around them – so much so they forget to care for themselves!  It’s important to remember a healthy “YOU” means a healthy caregiver for everyone else.  Quality moments with and for yourself does not mean you need to neglect those you love [...]

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What Happens When Caregiving Gets Too Hard?

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It’s not a secret: Caregiving can be hard. Every caregiver is affected differently because every caree is different. You’ve done your caring research and now your a Caregiving Genius. But sometimes, no matter how much you love your caree, you hit your limit. It’s OK to borrow the ear of your most trusted friend or [...]


Financial Elder Abuse: More Common Than You’d Think

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Elder abuse does not stop at physical blows, but includes financial ones as well. As NOLO broadly defines it, “financial elder abuse is when someone illegally or improperly uses a vulnerable senior’s money or other property.” Although most states now have laws to make this a crime, discovering the scammers is very difficult.  Often times [...]


Aging in Place: What Does it Mean for the Caregiver?

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As American citizens grow older, the applications to nursing homes and assisted living homes grow as well. Surprisingly, research is also finding that more and more elderly request to stay at home as they age. Aging in place is a phenomenon for which the caregiver can be unprepared.  The first step is creating an environment for [...]


Prepare for Care: Parkinson’s Stage Five

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Stage 5: Progressed to the Final Stage During the final stage of Parkinson’s, your loved one will require full time, one-on-one care. Independent mobility is no longer possible. Typically during this stage, you will need a wheelchair and other transfer devices to help keep your loved one included in family events and to help in [...]


Prepare for Care: Hip and Knee Surgery Recovery

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Soon After Hip and Knee Surgery As you’re leaving the hospital, you will discover your first obstacle – transportation.  The doctor warned you about so many things before you left: “Don’t spread your legs too wide,” “Don’t bend your knee when not in rehab,” “Don’t let your knee come above the light of your hip.” [...]


Calendars: A Caregiver’s Best Friend

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We’ve talked about it before: an organized schedule for caregivers is extremely important.  Some people have an innate need and skill of being organized – others do not. Growing up, I tormented my parents with my lack of organization.  Whether it was the neatness of my room or the homework assignment I left at home [...]


Which Medical Alert Device is Right for Your Parent?

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By Guest Blogger Pam Niemi, Sales & Customer Care Manager at SilverPlus Ms. Niemi’s background includes over 16 years in the medical field and health care services.  In her current role at SilverPlus, she works directly with seniors, as well as with a number of home care organizations, residential retirement communities, and senior centers. No [...]