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Don’t Freak Out! The Holidays Are Here!

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We’re here! It’s the week of Thanksgiving and it is ON! Your son is home from college, your daughter, her husband and their baby are crammed in her childhood bedroom, and Great Aunt Rosemarie and her new boyfriend/caregiver Carlos are posted up in your guest room. Time to defrost the turkey, peel potatoes, snip green [...]

Black Friday Holiday Shopping

Don’t Freak Out! The Holidays Are Coming!

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The holidays are officially around the corner. It starts with Thanksgiving next week and then we’re full swing into Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s.  It’s the time of year for shopping and cooking and cleaning and decorating and shopping some more. On top of your family, and work, and your responsibilities as a caregiver. [...]


What Are You Doing to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer This Month?

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Well it’s October. Autumn has begun. Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere. You’re switching over your wardrobe from shorts and sandals to jackets and boots. The leaves are starting to change colors and so are the cleats in the NFL, random company logos, and the EasierLiving staff’s wardrobe.  PINK everywhere!!  EasierLiving and our family of companies [...]

Managing Caregiver Stress

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Caregiving is a 24-hour a day job. Everything from managing prescriptions, home healthcare supplies and the day-to-day needs of a loved one can take a toll on a caregiver. In addition, many caregivers have full time jobs of their own. Due to the demands and pressure of caregiving, it’s important that caregivers know the best [...]


Caregiving and Staying Healthy

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Here we talk a lot about mental healthy and staying stress-free.  As we slowly crawl toward Spring, the itch to be outside is growing stronger and stronger. Naturally, that makes us think about being active and staying fit.  Most caregivers would laugh at the notion of staying fit and physically healthy while focusing on a [...]


Taking a Moment for You

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So many times, caregivers focus on their busy schedule and pleasing everyone else around them – so much so they forget to care for themselves!  It’s important to remember a healthy “YOU” means a healthy caregiver for everyone else.  Quality moments with and for yourself does not mean you need to neglect those you love [...]

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What Happens When Caregiving Gets Too Hard?

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It’s not a secret: Caregiving can be hard. Every caregiver is affected differently because every caree is different. You’ve done your caring research and now your a Caregiving Genius. But sometimes, no matter how much you love your caree, you hit your limit. It’s OK to borrow the ear of your most trusted friend or [...]