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Understanding the Perks of Heat Therapy for Arthritis

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Although “heat therapy” is fairly new in arthritis treatment options, the concept behind it isn’t. Scientists and doctors have long known that direct heat provides support for arthritis pain. Heat (or thermo) therapy works by applying heat to a specific body part. Internally, heat expands blood vessels, causing them to absorb more oxygen and nutrients. These larger blood [...]

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Better Posture for Less Back Pain

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Stand up straight. Don’t slouch. No doubt you’ve heard this before. Your mother, your grandmother and a host of others have probably said this or something similar your whole life. Not only does having good posture make you look taller, leaner, and more confident it’s actually good for your health.  Working on standing up straight, [...]


Tips for combating Arthritis flare ups during the winter months

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Mmmm… winter. White snow, warm fireplaces, a slower pace of life. What’s not to love? So why then do millions of snowbirds head south for the winter? The usual reasons, of course: cold weather, icy roads, little sunlight and… arthritis. The fact is, 50% of American adults over 65 have been diagnosed with arthritis. And while researchers still [...]


Prevent Falls at Night

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How many times do you get up at night?  As we age the number of times we have to head to the bathroom in the middle of the night can increase significantly. Now add in cords, throw rugs, shoes, and your dogs favorite bone and you have yourself an all out obstacle course on your [...]

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Your Morning Routine & Back Pain

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Simple daily tasks are made harder with back pain. Take your morning routine for example. Showering, dressing and getting ready in the morning can take twice as long when you’re struggling to get through the pain. What if there was a way to make it easier? If you have leg pain you can sit and [...]

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5 Ways to Prevent Falls in the Kitchen

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When you think of falling in the home many people’s first thoughts go toward the bathroom. And while falls in the bathroom lead to over 235,000 hospital visits every year, the kitchen is another room of the house where falls need to be taken into special consideration. With slippery floors and mishaps from reaching and [...]

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Fight Arthritis Pain from the Kitchen

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In last week’s blog post, we talked about foods you should avoid eating when you have arthritis. Arthritis pain is made worse when eating foods that contribute to inflammation. This week we’ll check out some superfoods to add to your diet to help ease arthritis pain by decreasing inflammation. You can also make food prep [...]


Recovering from a Herniated Disc

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What’s the best way to recover from a herniated disc? C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y. That’s because a herniated disc can lead to a host of other health problems. Therefore, you want to err on the side of caution, carefully choosing the right back pain support products.  For some people, the herniated disc will heal on its own. The timetable for [...]


Understanding Sciatica Pain

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The first time sciatica hits is unforgettable. In severe cases, sufferers have described the pain as “unbearable,” and “like bolts of lightning shooting down the back, legs, and feet.” So what exactly is sciatica? According to the Cleveland Clinic, sciatica (sciatic neuritis) is a symptom of a pinched nerve. Or, put another way, a pinched [...]