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Arthritis: Turn Up the Heat, Turn Down the Pain!

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It’s a proven fact that arthritis pain worsens in the winter months. Simple heat treatments make a significant difference when it comes to arthritis pain. Long, warm showers or baths are quick fixes to ease stiffness in your joints. In addition, there are arthritis homecare products that use heat to minimize pain. If you are [...]

Sunlight Simulation Solution for SAD and Low Vision!

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Light effects individuals in two major ways: it enhances our vision and it regulates our bodies’ rhythms. These rhythms impact crucial cycles like sleeping. While January is the month with the highest rate of Seasonal Affective Disorder suffering, it is also National Glaucoma Awareness Month. Even though these two conditions could not be more different, [...]

Light Therapy Lamps Successfully Treat SAD

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According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, “Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is characterized by recurrent episodes of depression, usually in late fall and winter, alternating with periods of normal or high mood the rest of the year.” Although a staggering 16% of the people in the United States suffer from SAD, it can be [...]

Winter Blues? Seasonal Affective Disorder Solutions!

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Are you struggling for energy during the winter months? Do the “Winter Blues” have you down? This may be a sign that you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression that is attributed to the lack of sunlight during the winter months. You are not alone! Every winter, nearly 15% of the population [...]

Make The Most Of Your Home Healthcare Supplies!

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We are constantly reminding caregivers that they must take care of themselves; the easiest way to take care of oneself is by exercising regularly. Are you a caregiver on a budget both with time and money, but still want to find ways to exercise? We have a solution. Many home healthcare supplies can double as [...]

Home Healthcare Supplies Product Spotlight: Alzheimer’s Activity Pillow

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When shopping for dementia and Alzheimer’s home healthcare supplies, there are certain priorities that rank high for caregivers.  While the daily living aids used for many other conditions can be universal, Alzheimer’s activities must be geared specifically toward brain function and stimulation. As many Alzheimer’s caregivers can attest, time management is everything; therefore, finding a product [...]

Home Healthcare Supplies Product Spotlight: Toilevator

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If you or someone you are caring for is suffering from a chronic disease or even recovering from an injury, there is one common challenge: bathroom use. Circumstances that range from a total knee replacements, more common in elderly patients, to those of ACL surgery, common at any age, can cause challenges when it comes [...]


Treating Plantar Fasciitis with the Freedom Night Splint

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Plantar Fasciitis can be caused by a number of things; from old age, weight gain or excessive activity, about 10 million Americans are affected by it each year. EasierLiving offers many home healthcare supplies that provide relief, but the use of this a great duo offers optimum support and gets you to recovery faster. One [...]