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Spotlight: Stronger After Stroke

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As the EasierLiving family caregiving community grows, we’ve had the opportunity to find, follow and interact with blogs and bloggers that are truly inspiring – and excellent resources for people living with health conditions and their family caregivers to boot. Since the caregiving community is supportive, strong and growing exponentially every day, EasierLiving is kicking [...]

Stroke Awareness Month: Do You Know The Signs of a Stroke?

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In a national phone survey, conducted by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association, asking 1,205 U.S. women about the signs of stroke, researchers found: Only 18 percent of women identified sudden vision loss;  20 percent identified unexplained dizziness.23 percent identified sudden severe headache; 44 percent identified difficulty speaking or garbled speech; 51 [...]


Stroke: Not Just a Fear for Adults

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To close out National Stroke Awareness Month, we wanted to focus on a lesser known stroke fact: children suffer strokes. While people over the age of 65 suffer strokes above all other age groups, a person at any age can suffer a stroke – including teenagers, children, infants and unborn children. Estimates do vary, but [...]

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Depression After Stroke

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Life after stroke can be difficult for everyone touched, but especially for the victim of stroke.  Depression is very common for someone who is rehabilitating from stroke, and even more commonly it goes untreated. While caring for someone who has suffered a stroke, it’s important to pay attention to behavior and mood changes. Here are [...]

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Stay In The Know: Reduce Risk Of Recurrent Stroke

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Each year approximately 795,000 Americans suffer from a stroke– of those, approximately 185,000 are recurrent.  Within five years of a stroke, the risk of having another can increase to more than 40%.  24% of women and 42% of men who have had a stroke will experience another one within their lifetime.  Recurrent strokes often have [...]

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Helping Someone Having a Stroke

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To kick off our Stroke Awareness Month Campaign this May, we want to start at the beginning: knowing and helping. The first step to productively helping someone suffering from a stroke is knowing the symptoms. Remember the acronym F.A.S.T. – Face, Arms, Speech, Time. The faster you can identify a stroke the faster someone can [...]


Cool Writing Tools for Stroke Victims

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When a loved one suffers a stroke, blocked blood vessel splits and causes bleeding in the brain, which may lead to brain damage.  Some stroke victims suffer partial paralysis and can affect your loved ones ability to use a hand and arm. Without the full use of your hands or arms means facing limitations to [...]


Deciding a Menu After Stroke

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If you have survived a stroke, it could be crucial to change your diet to avoid having a second stroke—38% of stroke victims with high blood pressure did not change their diets and had a second stroke. Stroke survivors should focus on switching to a low-fat, low sugar, low cholesterol diet in order to maintain [...]