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Stretching for Back Pain

Stretching for Back Pain Support

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As you know from last week’s Simple Support for Back Pain Care, millions of Americans are suffering from chronic back pain. While there are plenty of products to support back pain, there are also a variety of quick daily routine adjustments you can make to ease your pain. Exercise, particularly an appropriate stretching and strengthening routine, can [...]

Simple Support for Back Pain Care

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While many family caregivers may feel as though the weight of the world rests on their shoulders, oddly enough pain and tension seems to find its way right to their back. Did you know that one half of all working American’s admit to have back pain symptoms each year? In fact, The American Chiropractic Association [...]

Bathroom Safety for Parkinson’s Disease

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One of every three adults over the age 65 falls each year. Parkinson’s Disease, which typically strikes after the age of 60, doubles the risk of falling. Parkinson’s disease interferes with the nerve cells that make dopamine, a brain chemical necessary for controlling movement. Without enough dopamine, the body stiffens, posture sags, and overall movement [...]

Reduce Stress While Caregiving for Parkinson’s Disease

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Caring for someone with Parkinson’s Disease long-term is an enormous stressor. That’s true even if you’ve taken on the caregiver role, knowing what to expect. Mental health experts say burnout — physical and mental exhaustion —  occurs when a person’s needs go unmet for an extended period of time. Burnout, they say, is primarily an [...]

Exercising with Parkinson’s Disease

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As surprising as it probably sounds, conventional advice for a person with Parkinson’s disease wanting to start an exercise program is not radically different from someone living without the disease. Getting a doctor’s approval before starting a new program. Warming up — 5 to 10 minutes of light stretching — before more strenuous activity. Dressing [...]

Here are the basic do's and don'ts for caregivers for communicating with people with dementia.

Making Safety Adjustments Around the House

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When caring for a parent with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), it might be tempting to try to single out root causes for all that you see happening. However, because MS progression mimics the most obvious signs of aging — fatigue, memory loss, incontinence, muscle weakness — you’ll never fully know what’s causing each symptom. By accepting a certain [...]


Products for Progress: Cool Vests

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People living with Multiple Sclerosis often use cold therapy products to help limit their symptoms that are worsened from heat.  EasierLiving added GlacierTek RPCM® Cool Vests to our product line to help people who have to deal with heat-related flare ups from Multiple Sclerosis.  We chose to add this brand because it is the safest [...]

6 Tips for Caring for Older Family Members

Caregiving Checklist for those with Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic condition whose symptoms can fluctuate wildly. Even the most knowledgable caretakers will sometimes find themselves stumped by the “randomness” of MS. A simple check list is a great tool for preparing yourself of the disease’s complexity. Your checklist should include: Medication –  What medications is your loved one taking? Why? [...]

Fighting Fatigue from Multiple Sclerosis

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Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be demoralizing — especially when the disease interferes with your everyday tasks and chores.  Fatigue, in all its forms, affects 80 to 90% of all MS patients. In the not-too-distant past, doctors would simply tell patients complaining of fatigue to rest and stay cool. That advice was sincere but [...]