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Spring Cleaning for Fall Prevention

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You know it’s springtime when you’re hit with an overwhelming urge to clean. OK, maybe not. Maybe it’s the longer days, budding flowers, and chirping birds. Either way, to get your house ready for the warmer weather, you’ll have to do some spring cleaning. But some older adults dread this yearly ritual. Why? Because they worry about [...]

4 Balance Exercises for Older Adults to Try Out

Tips for Decreasing Swelling & Stiffness from Arthritis

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Ever notice how fit, happy, and energetic the actors in arthritis drug commercials are? Of course that’s not by accident. Nor is it an accident that the commercials only hint at arthritis symptoms. They never show graphic up-close pictures of swollen joints. It would ruin the good feelings and mood. Which is probably why you never see [...]


How Posture Impacts Chronic Back and Neck Pain

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Poor posture is a prime contributor to chronic head and neck pain. For most people, posture is a learned behavior. Young children instinctively demonstrate good posture, without using any products for back pain. They stand up straight, relax their shoulders, and point their feet forward. Which is why you never hear kids complain about their aching [...]

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Managing Chronic Back Pain During Sleep

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Nighttime might be the worst time if you suffer from chronic back pain. Sleep disruptions interfere with everything, even lowering your ability to tolerate back pain during the day. Losing sleep is what drives millions of Americans to seek products for back pain every year. Oddly enough, sometimes people blame their back pain on sleeping (“I woke up with a back ache!”). [...]

For some reason, older adults often get the notion that they can’t exercise for a series of reasons.

Arthritis Pain Relief, Without Medication

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Looking for ways to cope with your Arthritis pain naturally? Holistic approaches to pain management are up-and-coming for a reason. There are many exercises, when used with Arthritis support products, that help people not only cope with their pain, but also gain strength, which helps boost energy and the desire to participate in beloved activities [...]

5 Benefits of Dancing for Older Adults

Dance Your Arthritis Pain Away

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As we age, we may find joint pain becoming worse and allowing us to participate less in the activities we enjoy. Although we cannot reverse the aging, we can help alleviate some of this pain with arthritis support products to help you get back on the dance floor, on the course, or simply just walking [...]


Managing Chronic Back Pain While at Work

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According to the American Chiropractic Association, 50% of all workers suffer back pain symptoms every year. Worldwide, lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability. Most people who experience chronic back pain will eventually have to return to work. The good news is that more companies are taking proactive steps to make sure their employees protect [...]

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Understanding Arthritis of the Knee

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Arthritis of the knee falls into two categories: osteo (“bone”) and rheumatoid. The symptoms of both overlap — knee swelling and stiffness. However, the root causes are entirely different, which will influence the kind of arthritis pain solutions you seek. Arthritis strikes the knees more than any other joint. Why? A few basic reasons. First, the knees [...]