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Home Healthcare Supplies Product Spotlight: Toilevator

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If you or someone you are caring for is suffering from a chronic disease or even recovering from an injury, there is one common challenge: bathroom use. Circumstances that range from a total knee replacements, more common in elderly patients, to those of ACL surgery, common at any age, can cause challenges when it comes [...]

Protection from Bedside Injury

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Falling out of bed often brings more stress and fear than is necessary. Falls can occur when someone is getting in or out of bed, not just from falling out of bed at night. While falling from bed can result in serious injuries, especially for the bones, there is a simple way to protect yourself [...]


Slippery When Wet!

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Prevent Falls and Injuries in Your Bathroom! Fall prevention is vital in every room of your house – but we think, most specifically in the bathroom.  The bathroom is a fall danger zone! Water splashes out of sinks and showers, lining tile floors and slick counter tops. The bathroom is definitely slippery when wet which [...]


Prevent Falls in Icy Conditions

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Preparing a home for fall prevention can take a lot of patience and re-organizing. Preventing falls outside of the home is not as black and white. You cannot fully prepare yourself for the obstacles that may present themselves – especially in the winter after a big storm.  Being ready for anything when traveling short or [...]


Preventing Elderly Falls: Jump On It!

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  One-third of Americans over the age of 65 experience a fall each year, and accidental falls are the number one cause of injury death among senior citizens.  Those who survive these falls are often left with severe injuries, such as hip fractures or head trauma.  Exercising regularly plays a key role in preventing falls [...]


Bedroom Safety Quick Fixes

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Keeping your loved one’s bedroom safe and comfortable is an important part to caregiving. The bedroom can be a safe haven and the place your loved one spends most of their day.  There are several techniques to keep your loved one safe and comfortable within their safe haven whether you are worried about potential falls or giving your loved [...]


Vitamins May be Key to Fall Prevention

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Caring for a loved one is a full time job. It comes with as many stresses as your actual – paid – full time job. One of those stresses could be, depending on your loved one, the potential of him or her falling. Our homes are filled with falling risks: stairs, tile and hardwood floors, [...]


Which Medical Alert Device is Right for Your Parent?

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By Guest Blogger Pam Niemi, Sales & Customer Care Manager at SilverPlus Ms. Niemi’s background includes over 16 years in the medical field and health care services.  In her current role at SilverPlus, she works directly with seniors, as well as with a number of home care organizations, residential retirement communities, and senior centers. No [...]


Best Gift Ideas for the Elderly

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Christmas is upon us and there are only a few weeks left to get the right gifts for your loved ones. For decades, your parents and grandparents have taken the time to pick out all of the right presents especially for you! Don’t you think that it’s time you return the favor? Finding the perfect [...]