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Following the Trend: Wheel Chair Yoga

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I know what you’re thinking. Yoga is a practice that requires you to bend and stretch every which way and pushes your body to new limits. How can a wheelchair fit into the equation? After seeing the concept grow and gain popularity, we were curious ourselves. We posted a story on Facebook a few weeks [...]

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When It Comes to Diabetes, You Might Just Need to Relax

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Dr. Medha Munshi, director of the geriatrics program at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston says she has her patient’s children come in all the time asking loads of questions about what their parents should do to monitor their health better. While strong communication with your health care provider and asking many questions is highly [...]


The Importance of Vitamin D

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Vitamin D can be obtained from sun exposure, food, and supplements.  Vitamin D is extremely important to take in, and it can be beneficial in preventing or easing many different conditions. Cancer and Vitamin D Moores Cancer Center is proposing that cancer is a vitamin D deficiency. They say that enough vitamin D will virtually [...]


Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Know the Difference

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While these two types of diabetes have certain commonalities, they do have some extreme differences. Less than 10% of people with have Type 1 diabetes, which is also referred to as “juvenile diabetes” because it typically affected by younger people.  Type 2 diabetes is more common in adults, typically affecting people in their forties, but [...]

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Enjoying Halloween with Diabetes

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For those with diabetes, Halloween can be tricky. It’s the one night that sugary candy is pretty much thrown at you for free, and resisting the temptation can be nearly impossible. But if you’re going to give into the temptation for this one night, these are the candies that you should choose to eat while [...]


Snack Ideas for People with Diabetes

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Snacking is very important for diabetics because they need to maintain certain energy levels throughout the day. It’s crucial for diabetics to plan their snacks accordingly in order to prevent hypoglycemia, manage weight and control hunger.  Diabetics usually stay away from foods that will spike blood sugar levels, such as fast food and high-fat food. Here [...]

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Obesity in Mother may be a Risk for Autism in Child

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A new study has been conducted and the results are troubling. According to researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute in California, pregnant women who are obese are 67% more likely to have a child with autism or other developmental disorders. The study followed 1,004 mothers and their children, some of which had autism and [...]


Candy Corp. Decision Drives Obesity Awareness

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Mars, Inc, Candy Supplier, Takes Small Step in the Fight Against Obesity Chocolate is a common weakness for many Americans.  We turn to it for an energy boost, to fight depression or to just indulge our senses.  If consumed carefully, chocolate can be part of a healthy diet – but not many of us consume [...]

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Eating Out with Diabetes

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Who doesn’t love going out to eat? It gives you the night off from cooking and a chance for you to get out of the house and reconnect with friends and family. But for those living with diabetes, it can take a little more planning. Avoiding restaurants all together is unrealistic and unfair to you! [...]

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World Diabetes Day

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Today’s is World Diabetes Day, an opportunity for nations all over the globe to come together and raise awareness for a disease that affects over 6.6% of the world’s population. Thousands of cities throughout the world are participating by lighting up some of their iconic landmarks in blue, the color of diabetes awareness. World Diabetes [...]