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A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart: Eat Right!

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February is Heart Health Awareness Month. Knowing the staggering statistics, it’s important to understand all the benefits of living a life that is heart healthy! One of the main components that promote a heart healthy lifestyle is the proper diet. While there are plenty of heart health products to support you, the foods in your [...]

Get The Basics for a Heart Healthy Lifestyle

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Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. One out of every four deaths is directly related to heart health. Aside from the death rate, approximately 715,000 people suffer a heart attack and 795,000 suffer a stroke each year. This February, we honor Heart Health Month by raising awareness to the [...]


Let Your Diet Do the Work- Keeping Your Blood Pressure Low

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Most are aware of the damaging health effects high blood pressure can cause the cardiovascular system and overall health. As we get older, the risks increase but the signs and side effects do not. High blood pressure has also been referred to as the “silent killer”, causing those who believed to have no afflictions a serious or deadly fate. [...]

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Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

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For those with high blood pressure, medication is usually the answer. But there are some helpful ways to keep hypertension under control without turning solely to a prescription. Just relax: By learning to manage the stresses in your life, you may find that you also manage your blood pressure. You may not be able to [...]