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Activities for Autistic Adults

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Activities for autistic adults are extremely important for enhancing and expanding life lessons.  Like non-autisitic adults, activites that are educational, social and recreational can bring strong learning experiences as well as lots of fun!  Below are some ideas for activities for autistic adults to try and experience! Educational Activities: Educational activities can be a great [...]


Probiotics for Autism

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It’s common for people with autism to have more digestive health problems than average. It’s said that 25% of autistic children have at least one chronic gastrointestinal symptom.  Probiotic microorganisms support digestive health in adults and children, so can probiotics help children and adults with autism? In a study done at the University of Reading, 40 [...]

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Celebrities Come Together for Autism Awareness

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On October 21st, Comedy Central televised The Night of Too Many Stars, which is an event where A-list Hollywood celebrities come together for one night to raise awareness for Autism.  The Autism benefit concert includes numerous celebrity appearances, comedy sketches, live auctions and musical performances.  This years Night of Too Many Stars was hosted by [...]

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Obesity in Mother may be a Risk for Autism in Child

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A new study has been conducted and the results are troubling. According to researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute in California, pregnant women who are obese are 67% more likely to have a child with autism or other developmental disorders. The study followed 1,004 mothers and their children, some of which had autism and [...]


World Autism Awareness Day 2012

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Last week, a report was released that 1 in every 88 children were diagnosed with autism – this is up 78% since 2000.  These children fit on a growing spectrum of brain development. As we all know, children grow up. Most do not grow out of autism, and thus they become adults living in a world [...]


3D Technology Used to Help Autistic Children Learn

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“3D” is the new must-have feature in televisions, but who would have thought it would be the next must-have in autism development? Luckily for those affected by the condition, “Letters alive,” thought so. Children with autism learn differently from their peers, but are often exposed to the same teaching styles. An autistic child may struggle [...]


New Definition of Autism Proposed

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Adjusting to big changes can be tough for people have autism, especially when talking about how the condition itself is defined. The recently proposed change to the current definition of autism has its pros and cons. There is no blood test or brain scan that can easily pinpoint autism. This could lead to the re-diagnosis [...]


How to Help Your Autistic Child Through the Holidays

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This time of year can be filled with joy and excitement, but also stresses as we try to trim trees, turkeys and waistlines, all while working and managing a family. But the chaos of the season can take an even bigger toll on children; especially those with autism. For a child living with autism, the [...]


Prozac May Lessen Symptoms of Autism in Adults

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One of the more common traits in those with autism is their obsessive or repetitive behavior used as a calming mechanism to a stressful situation. This reaction can make life with autism more challenging, as it is harder to focus on everyday tasks or blend in with the rest of society. As a caregiver, it’s [...]

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Language Development in Children with Autism

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Every child is unique, along with their language development. Children with autism often mature differently than children without it. Just like all kids, autistic children are unique as well. It is important to remember that every child’s needs and abilities are different and pin pointing those individual needs is what will allow your child to [...]