Making Your Home Office Work for You – Wrist & Hand Pain Edition

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Working productively from home takes focused effort, and so does ensuring your home office supports you ergonomically. The reality is that many home offices lack proper ergonomic set up, and working for hours on your laptop while sitting on the sofa or kitchen table is simply a recipe for pain. Laptops, smart phones, and tablets were designed for short-term use. When we need to work on these devices for long periods of time there are easy ways to make them more ergonomic to prevent hand and wrist pain.


In this installment of EasierLiving’s Ergo July, here are 3 great home office products to try that will help with wrist and hand pain at home.


  • Mice – It might sound over simplified, but having the right mouse can totally change your posture while working on your laptop and keep your hand in a more natural position, thus eliminating hand and wrist pain.
  • Keyboards –  Using an external keyboard with a laptop or tablet supports a natural, relaxed posture, and will help keep wrists straight and elbows properly aligned, whether you are seated or standing.
  • Keyboard and mouse trays – Trays for your keyboard or mouse can attach to your desk in order to place your devices in an optimal position for comfort.
  • Keyboard and mouse supports – Wrist rests for both your mouse and keyboard can help to keep your arms and hands in a neutral position to help combat carpal tunnel syndrome.


Remember, making your home office work for you is easy! Just start looking at your space while keeping ergonomics in mind to increase your comfort and productivity while working from home.


Check back next week to see how to apply ergonomic ideas to the rest of your house.