Everyday Ergonomics at Home

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It’s Ergo July here at EasierLiving! We’ll be blogging all month about home office products to help you be more productive and stay healthy while working form home.


At work you had a special chair or maybe a cushion, and a certain keyboard, or you stood on anti fatigue mats, and a myriad of other items specifically made to keep your body in optimal position while you do repetitive tasks or sit or stand in one position for extended periods of time. These are all versions of ergonomic products. They adapt your space to your body to keep you happy and healthy. The term ergonomics has numerous technical definitions. But put simply, ergonomics is all about fitting tasks to humans wherever that may be – at the office, in your kitchen, or in your garden.


Have you ever considered the ergonomics of your personal work and living space? The scope of products with ergonomic design has broadened and includes many tools and accessories intended for everyday use at home. The same aches and pains you get from poor posture and improper work conditions, can also arise at home when performing daily tasks in the kitchen, garden, or home office without the proper ergonomic tools.


So, whether at home or at work, it’s worth considering good ergonomics and the use of ergonomically designed tools. The benefits far outweigh the costs and include increased safety and comfort, easier completion of daily tasks, and no poor posture aches, pains, and injuries.


If you have the freedom to work from home, you should make your home office work for you! Check back every week this month to learn more about ergonomics and how to make it work for you!