What I Did at Summer Camp

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As summer comes to an end, we are going to reflect back on all the fun, and active ways some of our favorite seniors enjoyed the warm months. Many of these activities can be continued into fall, winter, and spring, and will keep you active, and happy all year long!

This summer our friend Eleanor spent many days taking morning walks with her family and friends! Walking around in the morning was perfect because the sun wasn’t too hot yet. Taking walks in the morning is something Eleanor can continue to do throughout autumn to stay active and enjoy the beautiful weather! Adding some gloves, a hat, and a few extra layers will allow Eleanor to enjoy her walks while staying safe, and warm as the months get cooler.

Our other friend Anne enjoyed the warm weather by attending her grandchildren’s sports games! This summer she spent her afternoons going to her grandchildren’s’ baseball and softball games, and socializing with other parents and grandparents! She said this was the perfect way to get family time, socialize, and enjoy her favorite weather! Anne will continue to go to her grandchildren’s sporting events in the following seasons because she has enjoyed it so much. All she has to do is add an extra layer or two to make sure she is dressed properly for the weather!

As the months get a little bit cooler, we suggest that seniors and their loved ones try to keep their minds and hands active by crafting, playing brain games, or doing puzzles. All of these activities can be done any season of the year, and they are great for entertainment and easy fun! We hope everyone had a sunny and safe summer! We are sad to see the warm weather go, but excited for the crisp fall air!