Six Reasons to Try a ROHO Air Cushion

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This week is all about our great selection of air cushions we have for wheelchairs! These air cushions give you or your loved one the added comfort for their wheelchair. Our selection includes air cushions for many different needs! Here is why ROHO air cushions are better than your standard wheelchair cushion!

  • These wheelchair seat cushions provide pressure relief that prevent pressure sores from forming. The risk for skin breakdown and pressure injury is greatly reduced!
  • They improve pelvic alignment, and stability for improved position and balance in the wheelchair
  • Their patented technology adjusts to user, regardless of their weight. This means that there is even weight distribution that facilitates blood flow for protection against pressure ulcers
  • The breathable machine washable cover allows users to be comfortable without sweating in their seat
  • The hand inflation pump allows users to make postural adjustments while they are seated on the cushion
  • All of these cushions include the washable cover, hand inflation pump, and a repair kit

Take a look at all of these comfortable wheelchair cushions and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using them in the first place!