Summertime Safety Tips

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While out having fun this Summer, there are lots of safety tips you should keep in mind for yourself, or your elderly loved ones! The summer is full of a lot of outdoor activities, which usually would not be considered dangerous for most people, but without the proper protection fun in the sun can be harmful to seniors.

Staying hydrated is key to safety in the Summer. Seniors are not able to conserve water in their bodies as well as they used to, which leads to faster dehydration. It may be hard to avoid harsh temperatures in the Summer when you want to be out and about, which is why going to places like theaters, malls, and libraries are the best solution! You can have fun and stay active while staying cool. When you do go outside make sure you’re wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. On top of protecting yourself during the day, you should also protect yourself at night. Summertime means mosquitos are back, and the elderly tend to be more prone to West Nile Virus and encephalitis. Make sure you’re always putting on bug spray to reduce your risk of contracting either of these viruses.

While preventative measures are important, it is also imperative to know what to do when the heat is too much and hyperthermia begins to occur. Hyperthermia is when the body temperature rises abnormally to a dangerous temperature, and if advanced leads to heat stroke which can be life threatening. Signs of hyperthermia include: a body temperature of 104F or higher, confusion, flushed skin, nausea and vomiting, headache, rapid pulse, and fainting. If you or anyone you know is displaying these symptoms call 911 immediately, and attempt to cool the body down with ice packs, or cool towels while you wait for medical attention.

Stay safe this summer with these tips, and remember that the warm weather doesn’t mean you cannot participate in fun activities! Enjoy being outside by keeping track of how long you’re in the sun, wearing protective clothing and accessories, and staying hydrated!

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