Spotlight: Stronger After Stroke

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As the EasierLiving family caregiving community grows, we’ve had the opportunity to find, follow and interact with blogs and bloggers that are truly inspiring – and excellent resources for people living with health conditions and their family caregivers to boot. Since the caregiving community is supportive, strong and growing exponentially every day, EasierLiving is kicking off a regular series where we introduce readers to blogs and bloggers that, frankly, we really like!

Rest assured, these blogs are not paying us; they are not tied to any of our relatives or friends; they are not “secret partners!” These blogs are simply excellent resources for our followers.

Since May was National Stroke Awareness Month, we came across MANY stroke-related blogs that deserve recognition (and we will certainly feature more of them throughout the year!). This week, we’re highlighting Stronger After Stroke, a blog run by Peter G. Levine, an author, speaker and former research associate and co-director at the Neuromotor Recovery and Rehabilitation Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He has written a book, also called “Stronger After Stroke,” which covers stroke rehabilitation techniques for survivors and caregivers.

What we really like about Peter’s blog is that it is chock full of information and proven techniques for stroke recovery, it is refreshingly honest and optimistic and it covers topics related to stroke survivors of all ages. Not only are readers getting information about stroke recovery research (told in a very digestible, easy-to-understand way), but they’re also privy to tangible information and techniques they can use today to help them or their loved ones get on the road to recovery.

If you or your loved one is recovering from a stroke, definitely visit Stronger After Stroke for tips, tricks and encouragement on your road to wellness.