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New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers in 2014

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The holidays are in full effect and caregivers should start to think about their New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. Take some time to think about changes and adjustments you can make for the new year to simplify and maximize your caregiving. As we all know, there is more to caregiving than just the proper home [...]

Make The Most Of Your Home Healthcare Supplies!

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We are constantly reminding caregivers that they must take care of themselves; the easiest way to take care of oneself is by exercising regularly. Are you a caregiver on a budget both with time and money, but still want to find ways to exercise? We have a solution. Many home healthcare supplies can double as [...]

Healthy Caregivers Have Happier Holiday Seasons!

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Every year people are moving at such a fast pace during the holidays and tend forget a few common measures to prevent illnesses during the most wonderful time of the year. Caregivers are not immune to this common mistake. Follow these guidelines to keep yourself as healthy as possible during this holiday season! Remember, Caregivers [...]

Holiday Caregiving: Saving Traditions and Starting New Ones!

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Caregiving during the holidays can be stressful and difficult. Regardless of holiday caregiver stress, the holidays themselves will continue to arrive each year! Many caregivers find that trying to keep up with annual holiday traditions is the most difficult part. We are here to tell you that there are ways to simplify and save your [...]

EasierLiving Joins for Holiday Blog Party

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EasierLiving, the home healthcare supplies company who makes caregiving simplified, is proud to be a part of’s Progressive Holiday Blog Party starting the week of December 8th. Stay tuned for upcoming insightful blog posts to support caregivers during the holiday season! Share your caregiving story. Connect with others who understand. Join’s Holiday Progressive [...]

Holiday Travel Tips for Caregivers

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Traveling around the holidays is a stressful task. Traveling for caregivers can seem impossible. But it’s not! Whether you’re catching a flight or heading off on a road trip, take these tips into consideration before you leave the house! Call ahead! Be prepared by calling to find the local hospitals, care centers and pharmacies. In [...]