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Trick Your Mind with These Treats for At-Home Recovery

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It’s common to be overwhelmed when recovering from surgery or an injury. Aside from the physical aspect, the emotional component can really take a toll on you! Everything from understanding all of your home healthcare supplies around the house, to the thought of your recovery time frame, can rapidly increase stress. When it comes to […]

Home Healthcare Supplies Product Spotlight: Toilevator

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If you or someone you are caring for is suffering from a chronic disease or even recovering from an injury, there is one common challenge: bathroom use. Circumstances that range from a total knee replacements, more common in elderly patients, to those of ACL surgery, common at any age, can cause challenges when it comes […]

At Home Physical Therapy: Organization and Documentation

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While physical therapy at home can be extremely convenient, the thought of losing direct contact with your physical therapist can be nerve-racking for some patients. Whether your entire rehab is taking place at home, or you are transitioning from in-office visits, stress is the last thing you need! After you have received your required exercises […]

It’s Physical Therapy Month: Make Your Home Rehab-Ready!

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Each October we celebrate National Physical Therapy Month; a part of the healthcare community that impacts millions Americans. Regardless of physical ailment, from your neck to your toes, physical therapy has historically been successful in improving quality of life with patients across the board.  Due to a combination of a properly prescribed therapy regimen and […]


Treating Plantar Fasciitis with the Freedom Night Splint

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Plantar Fasciitis can be caused by a number of things; from old age, weight gain or excessive activity, about 10 million Americans are affected by it each year. EasierLiving offers many home healthcare supplies that provide relief, but the use of this a great duo offers optimum support and gets you to recovery faster. One […]

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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If you’re wondering why your favorite football teams are sporting pink on everything from their shoes to their wristbands, it’s to honor National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Aside from home healthcare supplies, we take pride in our community awareness and involvement. We wanted to spread the word about some local opportunities to help the breast […]


Our Favorite Mobility Home Healthcare Supplies

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Since attending the Abilities Expo in Boston, MA, we remain inspired by all the home healthcare supplies companies and outstanding caregivers we spent time with. Considering this week is Bone and Joint Health National Bone and Awareness Week, this is a great opportunity to share the mobility medical supplies that were popular at the expo. Our Foam Handle […]