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EasierLiving Looks Forward to the Abilities Expo in Boston

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Attention all New England movers and shakers. EasierLiving announces its attendance at the Abilities Expo this year – an empowering event for people with disabilities of all ages, September 20-22nd at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  In addition to EasierLiving, a company dedicated to supplying products and information to make life for people faced […]


Caregiving at Mealtime: Making Eating Easier

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We don’t often like to think of it, but caregivers should consider that for some, mealtime can become more difficult as the years pass. And it’s hard to know when our loved ones are  getting proper nutrition or making the right things for themselves when we’re not around. In this post, we want to discuss […]


Remedies for Arthritis That Keep it Natural

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It can be difficult finding vitamins and natural solutions that are effective in relieving Arthritis symptoms. Recommended treatments can be expensive, and how do you know if they will work? Guy Fiocco, MD, assistant professor of internal medicine at Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, offers his insight on some different options that are […]