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5 Tips for Back Pain Relief

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Back pain can interfere with everyday life and limit our activities. To get answers on relief and prevention, we turned to an article featuring geriatric pain researcher Dr. Natalia E. Monrone. So what can we all do to either maintain a healthy back or recover from pain? Here are 7 places to start: Get moving. […]


Brain Games May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Causing Protein

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According to several studies, levels of a certain protein present in the brain, called amyloid, is thought to cause Alzheimer’s. Recently, another study was conducted where neurology researchers discovered a link between partaking in “brain-stimulating activities” and the development of that protein. “Your lifestyle over the course of your lifetime may be critical in the […]


Why It’s Never Too Early To Have a Financial Plan

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 Most Americans aren’t in the top percentile of income earners, and therefore don’t feel they need to develop financial plans and investment strategies for the future. However, this simply isn’t true. Even though your budget may be much smaller than the top 1%, it’s still smart to draft an all-inclusive financial plan for any major […]


Healing Foods for Pre and Post Surgery

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Surgery can be intimidating and create tension among family members. If it’s your first one or your 8th, the healing process still  takes time and recovering patients need special attention. With summer coming to an end, we wanted to focus on ways to make dealing with life’s curve balls a little easier. We are holding […]

When Your Knees Need Support, Bauerfeind is There!

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When we injure our joints, it can be hard to recover in a timely manner, since everything we do involves moving them or disrupting the healing process. We depend on our bodies to let us keep up with our busy schedules and active lifestyles, but sometimes additional  attention and support are required. When we age, […]

A New Technology Targeted Towards Caregivers and Seniors

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Silicon Valley is known for its leading research and development companies, coming out with the latest and greatest technology. Often they are apps or digital tools and games targeted towards teens and young adults.  But that is about to change. Recently, the tech savvy area has realized an un-tapped market: finding new technologies to help […]


The Thera Band- Helping You Stretch

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Are you embarking on a new fitness journey or intensifying your current one? Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, tennis player or swimmer, stretching and proper conditioning is essential. Or perhaps you just had surgery and need some help with difficult physical therapy. We applaud your ambition and want to reward you with some knowledge about […]

Do you Utilize your Nurse Practitioner Enough?

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When it comes to caring for our aging loved ones, it’s known that access to medical professionals will become increasingly scarce. With each generation getting older, this issue is only going to increase and leave an aging nation without adequate care. So how can we start to manage this problem? Are there resources currently available […]

A Heartwarming Approach to Tackling Dementia

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It’s not uncommon to see a blind person get assistance from a dog. But according to some recent studies conducted in Scotland, service dogs can now put dementia assistance on their canine abilities list.  And better yet, the training has seen some remarkable results. How does the process work? Well dogs can be trained to assist […]