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Celebrate National UV Safety Month by Being Prepared!

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July is National UV Safety Month, and here at EasierLiving we are celebrating with those valued words we all learned in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts- Be prepared. UV safety is extremely important at any age. Make sure you apply sunscreen every 3 hours, and more if you go in the water. July couldn’t be […]

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When It Comes to Diabetes, You Might Just Need to Relax

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Dr. Medha Munshi, director of the geriatrics program at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston says she has her patient’s children come in all the time asking loads of questions about what their parents should do to monitor their health better. While strong communication with your health care provider and asking many questions is highly […]


Making Your Office Easier: ErgoMotion Mouse

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When hand and wrist pain starts effecting you or your loved one’s everyday life, it becomes difficult to perform the tasks that require a lot of hand movements. While that includes almost everything we do, that pain is esspecially elivated while working at our desk at the computer. Technology has come a long way, minimalizing […]


Why the Brain is Much Harder to Diagnose Than the Heart

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The procedures involved when you have chest pain are relatively simple. You get your blood tested to determine if you had a heart attack. If you are experiencing joint and hip pain you get tested to see if you might have osteoporosis. But what is the recommended procedure when you are expeirncing memory loss or depression? When things change cognitively as […]

Let Your Diet Do the Work- Keeping Your Blood Pressure Low

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Most are aware of the damaging health effects high blood pressure can cause the cardiovascular system and overall health. As we get older, the risks increase but the signs and side effects do not. High blood pressure has also been referred to as the “silent killer”, causing those who believed to have no afflictions a serious or deadly fate. […]

Post Surgery: How to Prepare for Homecare After Hospital

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Whether you or a loved one are going into the hospital for a routine, common opperation or something a little more high risk and in-depth, the amount of preparation and planning needed for coming home afterwards often gets overlooked. A lot of times the needed recovery time is much longer than expected, and that amount of time and […]


D2 Night Splint Relieves Pain of Plantar Fasciitis While You Sleep!

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It can be impossible to hold your feet at the exact 90° position needed to heal and relieve pain during the entire night. However with the right night splint, you can accomplish this healing process with ease. The D2 Night Splint allows for a gradual stretch and progression as tolerance is increased. The splint employs a dynamic cord […]