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Identifying a Heart Attack

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Caring for a elderly loved one, or any loved one with heart disease, brings a certain level of responsibility.  Knowing how to identify and respond to a heart attack can make a difference between life and death. While Hollywood over emphasizes the appearance of heart attack symptoms, it’s not always so apparent.  In fact, in […]


Heel Pain: Night and Day Relief

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Recurring foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis or other conditions can limit mobility and make even walking a painful task. The typical approach to reducing this inflammation pain is to stay off your feet, but there are better solutions. With more people that suffer from plantar fasciitis heel pain every day, it’s tough to choose […]


Slippery When Wet!

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Prevent Falls and Injuries in Your Bathroom! Fall prevention is vital in every room of your house – but we think, most specifically in the bathroom.  The bathroom is a fall danger zone! Water splashes out of sinks and showers, lining tile floors and slick counter tops. The bathroom is definitely slippery when wet which […]

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4 Tips to Exercising Safely with Arthritis

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The inflammation and pain that results from arthritis threatens the ease of exercise. Yet, someone with arthritis may benefit greatly from regular exercise routines – as long as they are accomplished safely.  Luckily, there are ways to adapt an exercise schedule in order to relieve pain without causing more of it. 1) Manage Pain Levels. […]


Stay Safe Day and Night: AliRail

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Adding a bed rail to a loved ones bed may take some convincing. Lets be honest, no one likes to admit that something as mundane as getting in and out of bed is now a challenge.  Not to mention, a bed rail can be an eye sore. But as a caregiver, you know that safety […]

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3 Ways to Treat Back Pain at Home

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Nearly 80% of Americans experience a back problem in their lifetime.  Back pain can be a result of a serious injury such as a car accident or a fall, but most of the time it is triggered by a common activity like regular gardening, lifting weights or working on your feet all day. Back pain […]


Prevent Falls in Icy Conditions

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Preparing a home for fall prevention can take a lot of patience and re-organizing. Preventing falls outside of the home is not as black and white. You cannot fully prepare yourself for the obstacles that may present themselves – especially in the winter after a big storm.  Being ready for anything when traveling short or […]

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Staying Warm When the Power Goes Out

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As New England bears down for the worst Nor’easter since 2010, EasierLiving hopes to remind all caregivers about their elderly loved ones.  It’s often tough to prepare a loved one’s home if they do not live with you, but preparing their home (or moving them to your home for the storm) could save their life. […]


Better Heart Health: One Sip at a Time

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Heart disease is preventable. But living and eating healthy isn’t always number one on a caregiver’s list of priorities. Good news: It doesn’t have to be. Below are a list of some great drinks that you can fill your “to-go” cup with in the morning and sip your way to better heart health! Although, we […]


Coping with Arthritis Thumb Pain

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Ease the Effects Of Arthritis In Your Hands Thumb arthritis is the most common form of osteoarthritis affecting the hand. Thumb arthritis can cause severe hand pain, swelling, and decreased strength and ability to pinch or grip things. Pain while grasping items makes it difficult to do simple household tasks, such as turning doorknobs and […]