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Staying Positive Through Dementia Care

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“Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.” Charles Swindoll perfectly describes the situation any caregiver caring for a loved one with dementia has gone through.  No one anticipates a loved one getting dementia, but acting positively and optimistically throughout your caregiving experience can make a lasting difference. Here are some ways […]


Overwhelmed From Caregiving? There’s An App For That!

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In today’s world, there is literally an app for anything on your smartphone, bringing games, videos, books and organization tools to the palm of your hand. Even overwhelmed caregivers can take advantage of everything their smartphone has to offer to make their life that much easier! Here are some ways to utilize your smartphone to make your […]


Probiotics for Autism

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It’s common for people with autism to have more digestive health problems than average. It’s said that 25% of autistic children have at least one chronic gastrointestinal symptom.  Probiotic microorganisms support digestive health in adults and children, so can probiotics help children and adults with autism? In a study done at the University of Reading, 40 […]


The Secret to Living Longer…

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…Positivity. Have you ever wondered why some people make it to their late 90s feeling great while others live much shorter lives? A new study finds that the secret to living more than 100-years-old may be a certain type ofpersonality: outgoing, optimistic, easy-going and engaged.  Researchers with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine studied the personality […]


Excellent Gifts to Help Ease Arthritis Pain

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Arthritis can make even the simplest of tasks difficult.  It isn’t easy to do things as mundane as opening a jar or holding a pen when you’re dealing with the burden of arthritis.  Luckily, there are products to make life with arthritis easier in every part of the house. Bedroom The EZ Mornings Tool Kit […]


Foods That Can Help Save Your Memory

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As of now, The National Institute of Health says that there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that your diet can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Many researchers believe, however, that the food you eat can help save your memory and keep your brain healthy. 5 Foods that May Keep Your Brain Healthy Oil-based salad dressings. […]


Benefits of a Drivers Safety Course

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As we’ve discussed before, senior drivers over the age of 65 are the second most likely age group to get into a car crash only behind teenagers. As you age, pain or stiffness in the neck can make it harder to look over our shoulder to change lanes or look left and right at intersections […]


Caregiving While Traveling

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Everyone loves to travel, and with the holidays coming up, traveling is often inevitable. Things can get a little difficult if you bring your elderly loved one for whom you’re caring, especially if you’re flying to your destination. 4 Tips to Take the Stress from Travel  Plan ahead. If you’re flying, request a written letter […]


Accommodating Your Elderly Loved One At Thanksgiving

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Although a wonderful time to see distant family and friends, hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home can be very stressful.  On top of the stress of getting the meal ready and keeping guests entertained, the added challenge of accommodating any senior guests at the dinner table can also consume the preparations.  There are great ways […]


Making Your Elderly Loved Ones Home Safe

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Whether or not you live with the loved one you are caregiving for, it’s extremely important that their living space is safe.  You might think that you have to spend countless hours and dollars modifying your or your loved ones home to make it safe, but most modifications are simple and cost effective.  6 Top Tips […]