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The Burden of Young Caregivers

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As the years go by, we are seeing more and more young people become caregivers for loved ones.  The National Alliance on Caregiving released a report showing that in the United States there are between 1.3 and 1.4 million kids, ranging in ages from 10 to 20, who are caring for sick or disabled relatives.  […]


Activities to Fill the Day, Without Power

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Were you one of the tens of millions of American citizens affected by the path of Hurricane Sandy? Or are you coping with the after effects of a local storm on a different coast? Now what? When the lights go out, keeping the ones you care for safe is your first concern. Then, you play […]

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Enjoying Halloween with Diabetes

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For those with diabetes, Halloween can be tricky. It’s the one night that sugary candy is pretty much thrown at you for free, and resisting the temptation can be nearly impossible. But if you’re going to give into the temptation for this one night, these are the candies that you should choose to eat while […]

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4 Lesser-Known Ways to Manage Back Pain

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The millions of people who suffer lower back pain know how inconvenient and discomforting it is, especially as a caregiver. Back pain isn’t usually something that’s easily treated, and it can be a burden for extended periods of time.  However, we found these 4 helpful ways to manage back pain that most people overlook.  Release Your […]

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Celebrities Come Together for Autism Awareness

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On October 21st, Comedy Central televised The Night of Too Many Stars, which is an event where A-list Hollywood celebrities come together for one night to raise awareness for Autism.  The Autism benefit concert includes numerous celebrity appearances, comedy sketches, live auctions and musical performances.  This years Night of Too Many Stars was hosted by […]

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Creative Halloween Ideas for People in Wheelchairs

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Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year! Everyone looks forward to Halloween so they can show off their creativity and wow everyone with an awesome costume.  If you are caregiving for someone in a wheelchair, you should check out these creative costumes that won’t make anyone who passes you question who […]


Encouraging Mobility in Elderly Loved Ones

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Many elderly face mobility challenges. Mobility difficulty can be as mental as it is physical. This often discourages elderly from leaving the house and increases the chances of depression. As their caregiver, encourage your loved one to get up and out of the house.  It’s vital for them to get fresh air and experience the […]


Can Coffee Prevent Pain at Work?

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We’ve all been there before—sitting long hours at your desk job working hard (or hardly working) when you start to feel that aching pain in your shoulder or neck.  Shoulder and neck pain are common with work involving very low levels of muscle activity, such as office work with computers.  But can drinking coffee prior […]


Foods Your Elderly Loved One Should Not Be Eating

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Many people think that just because a certain food is regarded as “healthy”, that it’s okay to feed it to your elderly loved one.  This is not always the case.  There are certain foods that we think of as healthy that can actually make your elderly loved one sick, causing food poisoning or other food-related […]

Cool Writing Tools for Stroke Victims

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When a loved one suffers a stroke, blocked blood vessel splits and causes bleeding in the brain, which may lead to brain damage.  Some stroke victims suffer partial paralysis and can affect your loved ones ability to use a hand and arm. Without the full use of your hands or arms means facing limitations to […]