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Prepare for Care: The Onset of Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s Disease can begin at any age, but generally the disease follows a progressive pattern within each person diagnosed. The time between each stage varies based on the person and severity of the disease.  Stage 1, 2 and 3 have such a low level of progression between them, it only made since to discuss them within […]


Bedroom Safety Quick Fixes

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Keeping your loved one’s bedroom safe and comfortable is an important part to caregiving. The bedroom can be a safe haven and the place your loved one spends most of their day.  There are several techniques to keep your loved one safe and comfortable within their safe haven whether you are worried about potential falls or giving your loved […]

“Don’t Worry. I’m FINE.”

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These are some of the most common words spoken by caregivers. Yet are you really “FINE”? Last month EasierLiving was privileged to spend the morning sitting in on a conference put on by the Rhode Island chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association: A Caregiver’s Journey.  The keynote speaker, Mrs. Joanne Koenig Coste, was exceptional, having been a caregiver for […]

Senior man struggling to us a walker.  His adult son is helping him.

Realizing You are a Caregiver

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Admitting that you are a caregiver can be emotionally challenging.  If you have yet to admit that a certain level of consistant care is needed at home, you could be heightening your stress as well as the stress of your loved one. How do you know you need to become an organized caregiver? Take a […]

Prepare for Care: Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s Disease can be a scary diagnosis, but it is a common one. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, nearly five and a half million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease; that boils down to about one in eight older Americans.  It’s the number six leading cause of death in America, and the only on the […]


Vitamins May be Key to Fall Prevention

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Caring for a loved one is a full time job. It comes with as many stresses as your actual – paid – full time job. One of those stresses could be, depending on your loved one, the potential of him or her falling. Our homes are filled with falling risks: stairs, tile and hardwood floors, […]


Myths about Arthritis

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With more than 130 different types of arthritis, you can probably understand the confusion surrounding the condition. Each is slightly different from the other but most are characterized as an inflammation of a joint, or several joints in the body.  If you have arthritis, nervous about getting arthritis or love someone with arthritis, you may get a […]


FDA Approves Drug to Prevent HIV

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Although it’s not our normal topic of conversation, this week marks a monumental moment for the advancement of medicine. EasierLiving would be amiss if we did not share this amazing news. Since the early 1980’s HIV and AIDS has confused the medical world.  As the disease spread understanding of the cause of infection and the […]

Managing Life at Home after Stroke Tip Sheet

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Today marks the end of the Prepare for Care: Stroke Care.  We don’t want to leave you empty handed, however.  Below you will find a useful little tip sheet with product suggestions as well as expert caregiver tips. We hope the Stroke Care series helped you learn how caring for a loved one after stroke can be a […]


At Home Caregiving Technology

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As time passes, caregivers population from the “digital age” is growing.  It’s only fitting that homecare options and tools are expanding to the digital world as well.  When you add caregiving for a grandparent or parent to your already hectic schedule, finding easy solutions may be your first priority. There’s no shame in that – we […]